[h&m blazer, mike gonzalez tank, lush shorts {first seen here}, target sandals, rebecca minkoff bag, ray-ban aviators, michael kors watch, bracelets: david yurman/anthropologie, rings: madewell/family heirloom, essie nail polish]

When it's almost September, but it's still scorching hot outside...what in the world are you supposed to wear?  Lately every morning I walk into my closet and just stare blankly because I'm craving fall so badly, but the weather is not accommodating me.

Obviously this isn't a pressing issue for most people, but I'm lazy and I like my morning routine to be quick and easy. Luckily this getup took about two minutes to think up. It's comfy and I still look put together, that is, until I started sweating from standing outside for too long.  Too much? Sorry, I like to share things.

This week has been a busy one requiring lots of caffeine. But Labor Day weekend is looming and will be here in no time! I hope everyone is having a good + productive week.


  1. I LOVE the oversized blazer with shorts...too cute!

  2. paige... you are as adorable as ever!! i love your outfit and the entire blog!! glad to see you're doing well in sunny cali! :)

  3. I know what you mean! I am craving fall sooo bad. Getting dressed lately has been super difficult. And doing my hair, but that may just mean it's time for a trim...

  4. Thanks Katie and Kat, you're so sweet! Oh my goodness Bianca, I don't even try with my hair anymore...what's the point? Fall needs to get here, stat!

  5. September is always difficult, It seems to be cold in the am and warming up as the day goes on. I either need hot all day or cold all day! haha


    1. I couldn't agree with you more! The drastic change makes things way too difficult!