1 a new blouse {last seen here}/2 rocky pup and his new friend/3 enjoying happy hour at waterloo & city/4 a pretty view on an early evening walk/5 giant sunflower found in my neighborhood/6 my b-day gift from the beau--a beach cruiser!!!/7 grilled tilipia, rosemary potatoes, and broccolini

Unplugging over the weekend was exactly what I needed.  The beau and I designated the couch as our home base for watching many movies and the entire first season of Girls (I'm now addicted), and of course cheering on the USA in the Olympics.  But my favorite part was just relaxing with him and not putting on any makeup whatsoever all weekend.  It's been too long since either of those things happened.

I now feel completely refreshed for this week and my birthday activities, which kick off tomorrow! I definitely don't feel mature enough to be turning 24, but I guess I don't really have a choice in the matter...all I know is I intend to indulge way too much and spending time with friends.

Have a great week everyone!


foodie friday: fat fish

In light of my upcoming trip to San Diego this weekend to see the beau, I wanted to shake things up a bit and share one of our favorite restaurants in Pacific Beach, Fat Fish.  Located a mere half block from the pier, the low key restaurant offers a diverse menu with both delectable Mexican dishes and fresh seafood. 
There has not been a single dish I've tried I didn't like, and the variety of margaritas is insane.  But if I'm being completely honest, I always go with the same one...the Giant Fat Fish Marg: 27 ounces of goodness.

Fat Fish has a "cantina" side and a restaurant side, which gives patrons the opportunity to have different dining experiences depending on their mood.  The cantina side is a little more laid back and bar-focused, while the restaurant side is more traditional--but both promise excellent food and service.  I recommend sitting outside on the patio next to the fire pit for the ultimate summertime treat.  Next on my "to try" list is the nut-crusted brie, tequila lobster bisque, and their breakfast.

Not To Be Missed:
Food- shrimp diablo, lobster stuffed mushrooms, potato wrapped white sea bass, sizzling carne asada fajitas
Cocktails- giant fat fish marg (or any of the margaritas, really)

P.S. how adorable is my man up there sippin' on that giant margarita?
Happy Friday (finally)!!



I'm taking a page out of Katie's book today and wanted to share how thankful I am for this gorgeous Thursday.  Yesterday was a total + complete mess, and I'm so thankful for a new day of less stress and more opportunities.  I'm looking ahead to the weekend, when the beau and I will be spending some much needed quality time together.
image via a beautiful mess
image via sterling style
I'm hoping to unplug this weekend and really soak it in--living in the moment with a side of laziness. What are you thankful for today and looking forward to?


lady in red

[varga tank, zara jeans {last seen here}, target leather jacket + pumps, rebecca minkoff bag, michael kors watch, david yurman bracelet, rings: madewell/family heirloom, polo ralph lauren glasses, mac morange lipstick]

Admittedly, this ensemble is a bit premature.  Wedges clearly would have made more sense for the SoCal heat wave we've been experiencing lately.  But every now and then, even in the midst of Summer, I crave a taste of Fall, mostly for fashion purposes (I can't wait to wear my jeans like this again).  Unfortunately the leaves don't change here, so I'm happy for the heat to stay as long as it likes.

Momma would call me crazy for welcoming hot weather because she always loved the cold.  I'm certain she'd love this outfit though.  I've been missing her a lot lately, so I'm welcoming any connection to her I can get. I'll be sharing the story behind the ring on my pinky soon and why it's so important to me.

We're halfway to Friday, people. Treat yourself to something today!


oh so jealous

I'm generally not a jealous person.  I love my life and as I've grown up I've really learned to love myself, flaws and all.  I believe each person is unique, and that should be celebrated, rather than everyone trying to blend together.  But, there is one thing that makes me so very jealous of other ladies in the world.  I'm always vying for someone else's bag or blouse--I'm constantly seeing pieces I wish were hanging in my own closet.  Since I'm clearly on a fashion kick, I wanted to share some of my personal fashion icons.
image via brooklyn blonde
Miroslava Duma- This Russian beauty is not afraid to take risks; I love how bold all of her choices are.  Even though I don't always love everything she wears,  I admire the confidence behind each and every one of her ensembles.
image via
Olivia Palermo- Everything she puts on is the perfect mixture of classic and fashion forward.  She always manages to look put together in a seemingly effortless way--something I think every girl strives for.
image via glamour
Lauren Conrad- Somehow her style is the perfect balance of classic and boho; she never looks overdone and always stays true to her personal style.

image via
Blake Lively- She's Karl Lagerfeld's muse.  Must I go on?
image via sincerely, jules
Julie Sarinana- I was hooked on Jules' style the second I first visited her blog.  Like almost all of my other style icons, she has an effortless style I crave.  Everything she puts on is just cool.  She'll pair studded converse sneakers with flirty dresses like it's the easiest thing in the world to do, and I totally love it.
image via could i have that
Samantha Hutchinson- This lifestyle blogger is probably my biggest style icon of the bunch.  Everything she features is very wearable in everyday life, and she's flawless at mixing high and low-priced pieces.  She pairs things in such an interesting way, that after reading her posts I'm always staring into my closet brainstorming of new ways to wear what I already own.  I probably also have a strange kinship with her because she's a fellow redhead, and I have no problem admitting that.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. I'd love to hear who your style icons are!


from russia with love

It's very simple to get caught up in the depths of the internet--between Google and social media sites I can keep myself entertained (read: distracted) for hours.  During said moments, sometimes I'll stumble upon websites that don't include a word of English, yet are still richly compelling with beautiful photos.  I'm also drawn to characters in other languages, despite the fact I can't understand what they mean.  One such Russian fashion website stopped me in my tracks today, and I felt the need to share.

Buro 24/7 was launched by ultimate fashionista Miroslava Duma, an individual whom I learned about here many months ago.  Duma is a former editor of the Russian edition of Harper's Bazaar, and has since transitioned into freelance work.  I stumbled upon her site whilst reading this New York Times article, which gives an in-depth synopsis of the "Russian Fashion Pack" and their impact on the fashion industry.  Considering fashion is still a relatively new interest to me, I absolutely love discovering new elements of the industry and seeing how it can bring people of all nationalities together.  It's a beautiful thing, really.
image via brooklyn blonde
What are some enthralling websites you've stumbled upon lately? I always enjoy finding new ones to peruse. Happy Monday!


1. Homemade primavera pasta
2. Gorgeous day at an L.A. Dodgers game
3. The ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier
4. Asos clutch and gifted cuff
5. A stunning sunset
6. Mini mango + chicken pot pie c/o Palihouse at a food + wine event at the Fairmont

Another whirlwind weekend just passed by.  The beau had a bunch of college friends in town, and all the boys stayed at my place.  Total madness.  We spent most of our time at Hermosa Beach basking in the sun, enjoying the Jose Cuervo Volleyball Tournament, bar hopping on the pier, and playing some volleyball before the sun set.  I spent yesterday recovering with a mini-marathon of The Biggest Loser, cleaning the kitchen, and attending a food event with Jasmine and Lizz.  The perfect way to end the weekend, if you ask me.
Happy Monday!


foodie friday: chaya downtown

Chaya in Downtown L.A. is another one of my go-to's.  My friend Tammy introduced me to this place many months ago on a night when we both desperately needed a happy hour, and it's now one of our favorite meeting spots.  I've also dragged the beau + other friends here, and never heard a single complaint about it.
image via eater la
image via tasting table
Chaya has an elegant ambiance (and free valet), with a hint of edge (can you see the chandelier made with various plastic trinkets?) and a staff that happily jokes with you while providing excellent service.  This is easily my favorite place for happy hour in L.A. to date.  They offer a large variety of both food and drink items, and the menu is constantly changing so you never have the same experience twice.  Options are very important for me on a menu--I enjoy trying new things and the great happy hour pricing makes it impossible to not indulge.

Not To Be Missed:
Drinks: seeing double, russian blues, the dragon
Food:  cheese plate trio, brussels sprouts, kobe beef sliders, seafood tartare roll, macaroni gratin with truffle oil

Happy Friday, everyone! Try something scrumptious this weekend.


brain food

photo via sacramento street

Just a little quote to inspire your Thursday. These are such smart words to live by!



Last weekend two of my good friends from college visited me in L.A.  I hadn't seen Kelly and Linley in such a long time, and it felt so wonderful to catch up.  They're both such wonderful, caring people and the three of us had a fun-filled weekend of visiting the beach and multiple happy hours, browsing local boutiques, walking the palm-lined streets, and crafting a massive Sunday brunch with many of my other friends who live nearby.

Their visit also coincided with Kristin's return home, so they were able to meet.  She even offered to take my gals to the beach while I worked part of the day on Friday!  In my experience, it's always been difficult trying to fuse different groups of friends, but in this case it went flawlessly and we all had an amazing weekend together.

Being around Linley and Kelly made me reminisce about all the great times we had in college, and left me missing them and everyone else from home even more than usual!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. Thanks for reading!


foodie friday: m street kitchen

Two of my girlfriends from college just landed in LaLa Land last night, and I could not be more excited! It will surely be a whirlwind weekend of beach time, shopping, drinking (I already bought some Ketel so I can make these), and of course eating.  
image via
Whenever people are only in town for a short while, I always have a couple key restaurants I try to take them to.  My friends Holli and Abra introduced me to M Street Kitchen about two months after I moved to L.A.   I've already boasted about their cocktails, but what really makes this place great is the atmosphere. Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, this cozy spot is a good balance of upscale and casual. The interior is trickled with rustic details, while the patio exudes a relaxed, California vibe.  It's one of my favorite places to lounge in the sun after hitting the beach.  Along with a phenomenal happy hour (hello, $3 sangria and $6 burger), M Street hits the nail on the head with fresh cuisine.  Their mouth-watering burger is nothing fancy, and it's also one of my favorites in town. 

Not To Be Missed
Cocktails: shakin' lemonade, red sangria, ruta 22 malbec
Food: pulled chicken nachitos, sweet potato roll, sonoma salad (my version here), california griddle burger, chicken tacos (my favorite)

Happy Friday! I'm off to take my gals to this place as soon as happy hour starts.


picture perfect

Before the decision to spruce up my patio, I'd already decided my bedroom needed a makeover.  That process is well on its way, and I'm absolutely loving the new look so far.  It's amazing how a few minor changes can transform a room as a whole (thanks mom, that piece of advice stuck with me)!

Upon re-signing our lease, I switched rooms and now call the master bedroom my own.  While I'm thrilled with the extra space and storage, I realized quickly I don't have quite enough furniture to completely fill the room. Yikes.  The one piece I'm really lusting after is a pretty bench to put underneath my big window.  I haven't had the time to hit up any flea markets yet, but I'm hoping to find some hidden gem at one in the coming weeks. In the meantime, here are a few benches making me swoon.
image via west elm
image via west elm
image via ballard designs
image via ballard designs
image via pottery barn
image via pottery barn
image via anthropologie
Unfortunately, as much as I would love to have any of these in my room, I'd rather my bank account not take such a heavy hit.  So for now my search continues for pretty + affordable options.  If you happen to see one, please send my way!



[lauren moffatt dress {gift}, rebecca minkoff bag, dolce vita for target wedges {similar here}, rayban aviators, michael kors watch, anthropologie bracelets, rings: madewell/family heirloom]

This dress is probably one of my favorites: it has both a classic, flattering cut and a fun, colorful print.  Best of all, it's made of silk--which obviously means it's incredibly comfortable and airy.  Perfect for warm afternoons and appropriate for both work and happy hour.

I discovered this gem when my former editor was getting rid of a bunch of clothes last year, and gave me the opportunity to rummage through them before she donated anything.  Basically, I was lucky enough to walk away with an armful of pretty clothing, along with this dress.  Jackpot.

Happy Wednesday!