take care

Hi friends--long time, no talk.  Well, I've been complaining for weeks about feeling rundown, and everything finally caught up with me.  I flew home to Oklahoma last week for Thanksgiving, and I was looking forward to relaxing and spending some much-needed quality times with friends and family who I hadn't seen since Summer.  Unfortunately, not long after arriving, I started feeling absolutely horrible. I tried to take it easy, and in typical Paige fashion was stubborn about going to the doctor, and when I finally did, the doc gave me the bad news. I have pneumonia.

What? I thought that was something elderly people got, not 20-somethings.  But apparently it's more common than I thought. My allergies/cold from the past couple weeks developed into bronchitis while I was back home, and that turned into pneumonia. Fun, right?  I spent most of my vacation feeling completely dreadful, and have since spent the last five days or so lying in bed. Blech.  Today I finally went into the office for a bit, but I'm just easing myself back into things.
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As stupid as it sounds, this setback has made me take a step back and look at how I'm living my life.  I literally overworked myself so much that I ran my health straight into the ground. I realize I have not been making myself a priority, and that needs to change. I tend to say yes, yes, yes, even if I'm not feeling up to something, and it caught up with me.

I urge all of you to join me and take care of yourself! I often take my health for granted, and instead it's something I should be focusing on and ensuring I keep.
Take care, y'all



1. bottomless mimosas at overland cafe//2. sunset in san diego//3. a favorite lightweight scarf from zara//4. goodies from lemonade//5. a pretty + cloudy hike in palos verdes//6. my bff aly + i in a cave on her trip//7. homemade happy hour//8. stunning dresses at dior rodeo//9. my perfect nephew ryder on halloween//10. a trip to the restoration hardware outlet//11. fall go-to: plaid + booties//12. soon-to-be la resident linley + i at laurel hardware//13. champagne date with the beau at eddie v's {our spot}

I realized the other day I hadn't posted any random photos in a while...no fun. I love sharing random tid-bits and pretty things--sorry I've been holding out! It's been a jam-packed few weeks between work and having a few lovely visitors.
Have a great day!

must have bags

This year, I truly began to understand why women spend the big bucks on their bags, something I used to think of as petty.  There comes a certain satisfaction from purchasing something beautiful with your hard-earned money.  I don't think I'll ever be able to justify spending hundreds of dollars on one article of clothing, or even shoes--as much as I love them, they're constantly hitting the ground! But a purse is an accessory to be carried proudly on your arm, and if it's crafted well and taken care of properly, it can last for many generations.

I've stumbled upon these beauties in recent weeks and can't help envisioning ways I would wear them!

1. pour la victoire morandi satchel {now on sale!}//2. 3.1 phillip lim 31 hour bag//3. z spoke zac posen eartha top handle

I recently bought myself a Kate Spade bag (from the outlet, score!), and I haven't wanted to switch bags since. What accessories do you find worth investing in?
Happy Wednesday, friends--we're halfway to the weekend!


heart on my sleeve

[j.crew shirt + sweater, zara pants, target shoes, hobo leather bag, michael kors watch, bracelets- david yurman, anthropologie, gifted stella & dot/rings- madewell, family heirloom/shades- ray-ban]

Saturday the beau and I stayed in pretty much all day watching movies and football.  Partially because we wanted to, and partially because I felt horrible.  I had a sore throat and my sinuses were acting up (still are, actually), which I'm sure made me a lot of fun.  When Sunday came around, we were itching to get out of the house for a hot second. It was a nice fall day, and it also gave me a chance to wear one of my new sweaters. Which I've been obsessing over ever since the weather dipped below 70 degrees.

This is one I have in heavy rotation. How can you be in a bad mood while wearing it? I just don't think it's possible.

Tonight I'm off to see Mumford & Sons at the Hollywood Bowl! So now it's time to kick this sickness, and bundle up. Happy Monday, friends!


homemade foodie friday

This weekend is supposed to be chilly and rainy...and I couldn't be more thrilled. I have been over the heat for so long, and I can't wait to lounge in a cozy sweater with my honey next to me, watching movies, sipping tea (and probably a cocktail or two), and whipping up something warm in the kitchen.

Here are a couple recipes I stumbled upon that I couldn't help but share...
Fall salad: mixed greens, avocado, baked Brussels sprouts leaves, apples, and blue cheese
Stuffed Acorn Squash: with feta, cilantro, quinoa, and pine nuts
Halftime Chili
Truffle Parmesean Popcorn
Banana Bread with chocolate chips

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


travel bug

With the holidays just around the corner, I'm getting uber psyched for my upcoming trips.  For Thanksgiving I'm headed home to Oklahoma, where I'll spend time with friends + family, and get to meet my little nephew for the first time! For Christmas I'm off to New York City with the beau and family, and then he and I jaunt off to Crested Butte to meet my family for New Years. It's going to be a jam-packed and wonderful season!

I've already got packing on the brain, as I tend to always overpack. Considering the different cultures and activities of NYC and Crested Butte, I have my work cut out for me. Here are some cozy ensembles I'm thinking could work for both places.
image via pinterest
image via eat.sleep.wear.
image via sequin harvest
image via sequin harvest
image via eat.sleep.wear.
image via pinterest
image via pinterest
image via middle child complex
Good thing I have a pretty large suitcase! Where are you traveling this holiday season?


lace and high waists

[h&m lace top, banana republic shorts, zara heels, ring- lavish in CB]

When in doubt about what to wear (as I normally am), I often turn to high-waisted bottoms. Until last year, I don't think I owned a single high-waisted item, and now I find myself buying pieces constantly--much to the beau's dismay. Mostly because I complain a lot about how I need to stop wearing high-waist bottoms to dinner, yet I continue to do so. Oh the things that man puts up with.
Happy Tuesday!


hot mess

Excuse the radio silence, friends! Hurricane Sandy really made an impact at the mag's office--our network literally blew up. So it's been a lack of e-mails, internet, phones, sanity, etc.  I've been playing massive catch-up and have been using any + all spare time recovering from our biggest event of the year.

images via middle child complex
While I attempt to get it together, here's an insanely inspirational tumblr my lovely friend Linley sent me. She's actually coming to visit this weekend, so expect lots of amazing photos!
Good luck with the rest of the week, everyone. Happy November!