wanderlust: mexico

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In 5 days, the beau and I leave L.A. to meet my family and a big group of just-like-family in Riviera Maya, Mexico! As the day gets closer, I'm dreaming of what to pack and what I wish was mine to bring along.
image via frankie hearts fashion
 A sheer dress to layer over my bikini + a hat to shield my face from the sun.
image via cup of jo
Pretty beach towels like these.
image via could i have that?
A tropical pouch small enough to tote around the resort, but big enough to store all the sun essentials.
Killer dresses perfect for warm dinners on patios and beaches. But who am I kidding? I would take the Tibi strapless number or the stunning Carolos Miele maxi any day.
image via wit + delight
A musical medley for the flight.
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A powerful + protective sunscreen recommended to me by this wonderful woman, who has been visiting Mexico herself more frequently these days.
Pretty notebooks to document my trip so I can share every tasty, relaxing, and beautiful experience with you!

I'm beyond excited for a real vacation! Where are you going this summer?


clean freak

I'll be honest: I am the opposite of a clean freak.  I never have been, and I never will be (sorry, Mom--I know you're letting out a heavy sigh from up there).  This often becomes a problem because my roommates and I all have the same cleaning mentality: we hate it, and in the past we've avoided it as much as possible.  But as you can imagine, this doesn't make for the prettiest space.

After scrambling for a few weeks to find a new apartment, we finally decided to re-sign our lease and stay in our current home.  Almost immediately after doing so we also vowed to make a drastic change: we want to finally turn our place into one we love: we will redecorate, switch some things around, and most importantly we will be clean.  So far, so good!
photo via oh happy day!
Step 1 of this change included a cleaning party one weekday night.  We turned on some '80s music, split up, and scrubbed.  This was probably the most intense cleaning session I've ever experienced, people.  I'm talking reorganizing the kitchen, vacuuming the furniture, and scrubbing the floors.  While it took a solid few hours, we agreed to have cleaning parties more frequently.  Something about loud music and friends to work with make the chore much more enjoyable.
image via wit+delight
Another tip I learned is for simple clean-up: turn it into a game, a race against the clock.  Start with a playlist and give yourself the length of one song to clean up one room.  I know it seems challenging, but try it out! You'd be surprised how it makes cleaning more enjoyable and go by faster. Two birds with one stone, friends!


coronado cruisin'

[lush blouse, bdg jeans, mossimo sandals, michael kors watch, bracelets: david yurman, j-crew, anthropologie, brandy melville ring, hobo cross-body bag, ray-ban aviators]

I've been feeling under the weather since early Sunday, so I'm dreaming of this day when the beau and I ventured to Coronado for a day trip over the long weekend.  We walked around the boardwalk near the Hotel Del Coronado, stopped at a couple outdoor shacks for some beachy cocktails, and ended the warm afternoon with some hearty mexican food.

Now to kick this awful bug.  I hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!


foodie friday: the churchill

Happy Friday, everyone!  The end of the week always brings visions of the weekend--which for me always means extra time to try out new recipes or restaurants.  Truth be told, I allow myself to eat like a king on weekends.  Usually I spend too much money on eating out and even more time thinking about the meals which lie ahead. Pathetic maybe--but food is something I have always been passionate about and I fully intend to enjoy it as much as possible (especially while my high metabolism is still intact).

With that said, I bring you Foodie Friday.  Each week I'll be sharing great restaurants around L.A. (or wherever I happen to be that week) or new recipes--essentially anything and everything related to food.

First up is The Churchill, a lovely rustic restaurant nestled in the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood.  I first visited this popular venue a few weeks ago, and returned for round two yesterday after work.  The first element that struck my interest was the impeccable design of this quaint space: the sidewalk patio was complete with a fireplace, comfy booths, and Edison twinkle lights, while wood tables and exposed brick made the inside cozy and interesting.  The second thing I noticed was the service--both visits included servers with an honest sense of humor and the desire to keep each guest full, quenched, and happy.

The restaurant is known for fine cured meats and fresh American fare, and also boasts an impressively creative cocktail menu.  Jasmine and I stopped by for happy hour yesterday and had difficulty choosing our drinks because there are so many compelling combinations.

Not to be Missed
Cocktails: Brockman, Hit and Run, and Clementine (also the flat rose wine)
Appetizer: mac 'n' cheese (served up with bacon, chorizo, or broccolini) with bread crumbs

Have a great long weekend!


out with the old

[sylk blazer {last seen here}+ necklace, target tank, zara jeans {similar here}, michael kors heels + watch, rebecca minkoff bag, david yurman bracelet, rings: jewelmint + street vendor, sunglasses from a farmers market {I'm also coveting these}, essie st. lucia lilac nail polish] 

I needed a change last week, my friends.  So, as I shared earlier in the week, I chopped off my long locks.  Now, for some this may seem like no big deal.  But anyone who knows me also knows I keep my hair long always.  Always. There was one year in college when I chopped it even shorter than this (on a whim, I might add), but Oklahoma humidity was not kind to me and I spent the following months growing it back out.

But I'm getting off track.  The point is that I was looking for a change, and so far this has seemed to do the trick! My hair routine has been cut in half, and yoga classes are much less hot without my hair sticking to the back of my neck.  I am loving my new look and the effortlessness that comes with it! I just know summer will be all the more enjoyable because of this one little change. What look are you dying to try out this summer?

I hope everyone is having a great morning so far.  It's almost Friday! I'll be starting a new feature each week on Fridays from this point on, and I'm so excited to share it with you!


midnight craving

It's about 12:30 here on the west coast, and I'm unsure why I'm still awake.  Honestly, this is way past my bedtime.  But since I'm up, I thought I'd share with you my recent craving.
image via this time tomorrow
This Zara parka with leather sleeves has been haunting me.  I see it everywhere.  It's almost as if the universe is throwing every possible sign at me to give into the temptation of buying it.  I love the dark hunter green and black leather combined--it's such an interesting take on the classic leather jacket (there's also a similar, slightly more affordable version here). If this lovely jacket were mine, I'd pair it with a girly dress for some contrast {as seen here} or some white shorts like the above photo.  Man oh man....if that jacket were mine...

Sweet dreams!



[borrowed j-crew chambray shirt, lush dress {similar here}, urban outfitters bandeau, nine west booties {on sale now!}, michael kors watch, david yurman bracelet, necklace/street vendor, borrowed ray ban wayfarers] 
In case it hasn't been obvious, I've been experiencing a major lack of inspiration lately.  Life has been completely chaotic and I've been struggling to catch up.  In between visiting home, watching my brothers graduate, and stressing out about trying to find a new place to live, I've also been trying to learn the ropes of my new position at work while our company moves to a new office.  The next two weekends I'm traveling again, so I'm desperately trying to play catch up and reorganize everything: my home, my office, and essentially my life.  I have notebooks filled with ideas for this blog, and just haven't had the time to execute them.

Now, I assure you I am not complaining...I love being busy! I'll take that over an easy schedule most days.  I feel so incredibly lucky to be taking on this new role, and my roomates and aren't moving anymore (thank goodness). I just need to figure out how to prioritize everything.  Luckily my next two weekends are sure to be refreshers--hopefully giving me energy to get everything done during the week!

Here are some pretty images to contribute to my much-needed dose of inspiration.
image via sincerely, jules
An easy, breezy weekend outfit.
image via where did u get that
I'm dreaming of dozing on a hammock in Mexico--only two weeks until this could be a reality!
image via simply breakfast
 A lovely brunch: brie, jam, french bread, and coffee.
image via could i have that
Beachy waves and a pink pout.
images via the glamourai
Handwoven Moroccan rugs.

Oh, and something else that inspired me this past weekend...I chopped my hair off! I was desperate for an easier 'do, and I'm thinking this is just what I was looking for.
Happy Monday!


oklahoma snapshots

coweta football field 
so happy and proud of my brothers! {i'm wearing: c.luce dress} 
airport beers with the beau
arriving in oklahoma to a beautiful sunset 
after the boys' baccalaureate service {i'm wearing: zara blouse, j-brand pants, gifted clutch} 
my bro striking a pose
My trip to Oklahoma was a whirlwind as usual.  I tried to cram as much family time and catching up with friends as possible into a mere 3 and a half days with no down time to spare (although I did somehow manage to scratch my cornea in my sleep--but that's another story).  I was able to see almost everyone, but of course there's never enough time to fit all my desired visits in.

Three days later I still can't believe my baby brothers graduated high school.  Not only has time flown, but clearly I'm starting to get old!  I've never been so proud of these not-so-little guys, and I know they're going to do great things one day.

Now it's back to reality, and I have an incredibly busy weekend ahead.   I have lots to do before my next vacation--which is only a few weeks away! What are you looking forward to this week?


a weekend for moms

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I can't help but feel a mixture of sadness and joy.  Sadness obviously because my lovely mom is no longer here, but joy thinking of all the wonderful things we could do together, especially since I'm headed home for my brothers' graduation.
 Here's a few posts from around the web which remind me of my mom and moms everywhere:
The sweetest little post from a daughter to her mother.
My mom had a love of fake flowers (because they never die), but she'd love these real ones too.
Spring looks any mom would adore.
I would no doubt get my mom one of these for her special day.
A mom's funny + adorable photos of her son's eyebrows.
This would make her laugh, and she'd volunteer my dad to try it out.
I could see this vintage piece hanging in our house.
Bedroom decor that would make my mother swoon.
When the boys left town, my mom and I would often make delectable dishes (if we didn't order Chinese).
A brand of shoes moms and daughters can drool over, and dream about affording.
Cute and quirky momma tattoos.
photo via glitter guide
I hope everyone has a lovely, family-filled weekend!



homemade chocolate-chip belgian waffles
stripes and color
watching our pizzas being made at 800 degrees in beverly hills
cocktails at the churchill
a fun weekend outfit {j-crew chambray shirt, zara jeans}
an inspirational stop sign
rose wine and tomato pasta with basil and goat cheese
surprise roses from the beau :)
Where has this week gone? I can't believe it's already Thursday. I've been a very busy bee and I wouldn't have it any other way! Today I'm trying to get everything organized for next week as I fly to Oklahoma Saturday for my little brothers' graduation! I can't believe those two little guys are graduating high school.  Not only has the week flown by, but apparently life has too. I know my momma would be so proud of her boys.

As you can see, the past couple weeks have been spent eating, drinking, and dreaming of clothes in my (little) spare time.  I actually realized yesterday I hadn't had a glass of wine in over a week! Don't worry, I fixed that as soon as I got home from work last night :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday!