weekend wear: beach date

[dress and scarf from baci boutique in santa monica, ray-ban aviators]
The essentials for an impromptu beach date are simple: an easy dress, shades, and champagne.  I also like to bring a jacket because it gets chilly, but having a cute dude around to keep you extra warm is really the best plan.  Luckily mine is not only cute, but also doubles as a heater.

We wandered into Playa del Rey Friday night to watch the sunset--although the clouds snuck in so once the sun actually started to set it wasn't that impressive.  Took the rest of the night easy, spent time with friends on Saturday, and hiked Solstice Canyon for the first time yesterday.

If you're thinking I look relaxed in these photos, it's because Jasmine surprised me with a spa day at Burke Williams for my birthday on Friday! Best day ever.  As I said, having a birthday sure helps a girl feel extra loved.

I hope everyone has a lovely week! How cool is it that NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars? I love watching us make history.


  1. I love, love, love that outfit, especially that color! And yes, champagne is a must for beach dates :)

  2. Gorgeous dress- love the color :)