foodie friday: wildcraft pizza

One of the things I love most about the area I live in is that Downtown Culver City is just minutes away. While this small strip of restaurants and bars is a gem in and of itself, I find myself wanting to venture down there even more since Wildcraft Pizza opened at the beginning of the year. My friend Alex and I finally made it to this hot spot a few weeks ago, and we're still talking about how delectable the food was. And not to mention how cozy and adorable the space is.

Wildcraft boasts an eclectic menu of small bites, salads, veggies, entrees, and of course, sourdough neapolitan pizzas. I'm always impressed with a place that offers an array of both red and white pizzas, and Wildcraft's menu boasts many clever yet simple options in both categories. Alex and I struggled to select what to order because everything looked (and smelled) phenomenal. We decided to try a couple different small plates and pies so we could get a good feel for the menu, and it turned out to be a great idea (obviously).

Not To Be Missed:
'15 minutes of fame' garlic knots, burrata, goat cheese white pizza (we added prosciutto), truffle white pizza

I have yet to try any of the red pizzas, but I already have my eye on the spicy sausage and the carnage. Looks like I'm due for another visit very soon! If you're into pizza (and let's face it, who isn't?), this place is definitely worth checking out.

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[anthropologie dress, jessica simpson heels {old, but similar here I'm also coveting}, ray-ban shades, michael kors watch, jewelmint ring]
Whoa. Hey there, friends. Long time, no talk...am I right? My apologies for being 100% absentee for the last, you know, month...life has been absolutely crazy busy. I realize that isn't an excuse, but the truth is I had to put the blog on the back-burner for a while so I could focus on other things. And while it was a necessity, my goodness does it feel wonderful to be back!

The major thing I should catch you up on is I think I actually made a turn into adulthood. I've fought it for a long time, but recently I had to make the biggest decision I've ever made in my life thus far, and it was at that moment I realized I'm not a kid anymore. Insert panic attack here.  The details of this decision are insignificant, but I can happily say I'm confident with the path I chose. I'm actually looking forward to everything around the corner now, when I was almost dreading them before. Granted, the second something goes wrong (which, let's face it, always does in life), I'm sure I'll be eating those words and wishing for my childhood again. Not that I do that.

Another update is that Kristin moved back in with us roomies! You might remember reading about her year in London, but now she's back in L.A. and we're holding her hostage.

These photos were taken over Memorial Day weekend (so hey, not that long ago!), when the beau and I took a little jaunt to Coronado Island for the day. It felt like a mini-vacation: we strolled along the boardwalk, sipped some bubbly, listened to some live music at the Hotel del, and soaked in the sunshine. It was just the low-key day I'd needed for many weeks.
I have to be cheesy and dedicate this post to the beau--he's been on my case at least twice a week about updating, so this one's for you love! P.S. Isn't he cute? :)

Have a great Thursday, lovelies.


foodie friday: sotto

This week we celebrated my friend Lizz's birthday (and her upcoming move + promotion!) at Sotto in Beverly Hills. I'd been hearing great things about the quaint Southern Italian restaurant since I moved to L.A., but it was my first time visiting.

Sitting down at the lovely rustic table, I was a little nervous considering I couldn't understand a single wine on their expansive list (I couldn't tell you a single word of Italian), but luckily the sommelier had some great recommendations for us. Since we had a decent-sized group, I got to try quite a few things on the menu, which as you all know by now is my favorite way to dine. Every single thing I tried was out of this world--easily the best Italian food I've had. From handmade pastas and Neapolitan pizzas to a fluffy frittata, Sotto is certain to hit the spot for Italian lovers.

photos 1,2,3 + 5 via//photo 4 by me
Not To Be Missed:
small plates: baby kale and ricotta frittata, fava bean bruschetta
entrees: spaghetti, margherita pizza, whole wheat capunti
dessert: bittersweet chocolate crostata
+ obviously wine, but that's a given!

If you don't eat authentic Italian food often, this menu puts you outside of your comfort zone. There are multiple items, specifically the pastas, containing some sort of liver. I'll admit it was a bit off-putting at first, but I didn't try a single dish I didn't like. I ordered the Margherita pizza, and (as my former editor Kathryn assured me beforehand) it was the best in the city. If you're looking for a pizza or pasta fix, get your booty to Sotto. And call to invite me.


the perfect outfit

[mossimo blazer via target, j-crew chambray top, zara jeans, jessica simpson heels, rebecca minkoff bag, ray-ban aviators, michael kors watch, bracelets- david yurman/tiffany's/stella & dot, ring from my aunt]

This is some groundbreaking news, people: I've found the perfect outfit. I'd wear this to work, dinner with my girlfriends, Easter brunch as I did this particular day, a date with the beau, or for any casual weekend outing (with an obvious shoe change to sandals; I'm not insane). It was the perfect outfit choice for a weekend of eating too much candy and celebrating the birth and life of my mom.

In more serious news, I'm keeping Boston in my thoughts + prayers. I feel blessed that my friends who live there are safe, but I'm praying for those who weren't so lucky. I will say it's moving to see Americans helping one another, but I wish it weren't under such horrific circumstances. I hope we can stand together as a nation and help the city recover.
Stay strong + positive this week, my friends, and thanks for reading!


spring fling

[zara blouse {last year, but similar here}, express shorts, target wedges, rebecca minkoff bag, ray-ban aviators, michael kors watch, jewelmint ring]

I always forget how great this blouse is. It's a wild print, it's silky...and this past time I wore it a gay man told me I was reminiscent of a Versace spring ad. I'll take it.

The beau and I stopped in La Jolla over the weekend to celebrate my mom and drink wine by the sea. I simply can't get enough of these idyllic coves. While we typically just brunch and take in the views, I think next time we'll get in on some kayaking or cave action. I'm feeling the need for a little adventure!

Happy Wednesday, lovelies. What adventures are calling your name this week?


happy birthday

Saturday was my mom's birthday. She would have been 53 years old. I'd like to say it was a perfect day where I smiled at our good times together and did things she would have wanted to do were she still alive.  While that part is true, if I'm being completely honest it was a really hard day for me. My sweet boyfriend took me around town and we ate mexican food (her favorite) and drank chardonnay (her other favorite) by the ocean, and it was wonderful. But I still felt a lingering emptiness, missing her more than usual.

While the sole purpose of starting this blog was to honor and celebrate the life of my amazing mother, I still have a difficult time being completely honest with how I'm feeling about losing her. I challenge myself to focus on the good times, and use this as a positive space to share happy memories, similarities, and pretty little things I know she would have loved.  But unfortunately it isn't always so easy to do so. There are days when I really, really struggle with the pain of losing my hero. Especially lately--I'm at that tricky time in my life (like all of us 20-somethings) where I don't have much figured out and I'm changing my mind all the time. There are so many days when I desperately wish I had her to talk to, to give me advice.  On those days I find a way to connect with her as best I can, whether by taking a walk and talking to her, perusing the web for Nike clothes, or planning for this blog.

I don't want this space to be a negative one dripping with sadness; that was never my intention or how I want these posts to come across. My hope is that I can give you all a chance to know her, and be inspired by her just as I was. Next time you're enjoying white wine, I urge you to raise your glass in her memory and toast the wonderful life she lived.

Happy Birthday, Mom.



[madewell blazer {last seen here}, target tee, j-brand jeans, steve madden sneakers, pashmina scarf, rebecca minkoff bag, ray-ban aviators, michael kors watch, bracelets- david yurman/tiffanys, ring- jewels by the sea] 

I warned you all it was coming. If you follow me on instagram, you already knew I purchased them. I've had these wedge sneakers stashed away for a few weeks now, waiting for the right time to unveil my unoriginal find. Actually, I wear these bad boys about twice a week now...but you get what I mean. My point is that I jumped on the wedge sneaker bandwagon, and I don't hate it (sorry, G).

I hope everyone is having a lovely week!