carpe diem

[h&m shirt {old, but similar here}, skirt- kyss boutique {similar here}, target sandals, clutch- bumble bee boutique, gifted sunglasses, michael kors watch, rings: madewell, family heirloom]
Sometimes taking a random Friday afternoon off is necessary.  Unplug, eat some delicious food, spend time with a friend, and maybe even slip into a near-comatose state with a relaxing massage.

Now that I'm technically an adult I guess (yikes), I've realized the importance of taking the time to pamper myself every once in a while.  I believe it's good for your mind and body to let go of stress as often as possible, but unfortunately for me I need some means of escape in order to do so.

If nothing else, a day off once in a while is really just good for the soul.

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