the candy house

In my last post, I mentioned that my family, the beau, and I ventured to Missouri to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins over Thanksgiving.  Before heading out the next morning, we stopped by Candy House Gourmet Chocolates. Nestled on Reding Mills Road in Joplin, the Candy House was a place my mom and aunt always talked about.  Granted, my mom never had much of a sweet tooth, but I definitely remember her talking about this place.  And I was never upset seeing a truffle assortment in a box sent by my aunt.

Complete with all the fudge, salt water taffy, truffles, jellybeans, and chocolate turtles you can imagine, the Candy House is already a magical place in my eyes.  But if you walk upstairs, you're met by vintage glass candy jars, tea sets, dishes and cups.  A candy store and vintage shop in one? Yes, please!

In all honesty, many of the vintage dishes were a bit cutesy and delicate for my taste, but it was still so fun to walk around and look at all the pretty things.  The fact that I had peanut butter fudge and chocolate turtle samples in my hand didn't hurt, either.  Seriously--the peanut butter fudge is to die for.

If you ever happen to be driving through Joplin (or Springfield--there's a location there as well), I highly suggest you give this sweet place a visit.  Just make sure you bring me some fudge!


midwest thanksgiving

[zara vest,j-crew shirt,jeans c/o urban outfitters,bcbg boots,bracelets:cc skye and david yurman,fossil watch,ring c/o lavish (in crested butte, co)]

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to travel home to Oklahoma for the festivities, and also spent a couple days at my aunt and uncle's house in Joplin, Missouri.  My boyfriend took these photos of me at the house, which is a lovely rustic place tucked away in the woods.

I'm obsessed with this vest I recently picked up at Zara--I've basically been living in it for the past few days because it's so warm and cozy. If you're wondering, the answer is yes--I did hike in those boots with the family. You may call it crazy, but I call it resourceful. What can I say? Tennis shoes didn't fit in my suitcase.

[Sidenote: in my last outfit post, my roomate Grace took the photos. Just wanted to make sure she got some credit too!]

Tomorrow it's back to reality. Although I'm not so excited about that, I am excited about sharing some new things with you!


warm in fur

{h&m dress,belt-unknown,faux fur vest and tights c/o target,shoes c/o buffalo exchange,bracelet c/o lavish (crested butte, co),brandy melville ring, mac m-orange lipstick}

With LA weather continuing to be unpredictable--'50s in the morning, '70s in the afternoon--I've found the best attire is layering.  I found this cozy faux fur vest last fall, and I love experimenting with it.  At this point it may or may not have been tried on with almost everything in my closet.  This outfit screams fall to me, and I feel very comfortable and chic in it.

Enjoy the short week, everyone!


the six

For those who haven't caught on yet, I'm a total foodie. I love discovering new recipes, creating favorite dishes, and eating out entirely too often.  My problem is that I continue going back to the same places. So, recently I've taken on a mission to try more new eateries when I do venture out.  Yesterday Shelby and I tried out The Six Restaurant, which just opened November 16 in Studio City.

The Six serves up a variety of American comfort food--everything from pot pie and pizza to turkey sloppy joe sliders and a chicken club.  Shelby opted for the Italian pizza, and I enjoyed their burger--the juicy meat was topped with blue cheese, onion rings, butter lettuce, and thousand island dressing on a brioche bun.  Much to our dismay, the lovely waitress informed us they were out of the signature six-cheese mac n' cheese, but the parmesan truffle fries made for the perfect alternative.

Along with filling and flavorful food, I loved The Six's Old Hollywood-inspired decor.

Also, check out my story in Los Angeles Confidential magazine about The Six here.
Happy Sunday!


watch out

image via fossil
 I have been rocking my white Fossil watch since the day I graduated college, and as much as I love it, I do feel that it's time to broaden my horizon.  I, along with many other girls I'm sure, have had my eye on the Michael Kors oversized rose gold watch for a very long time.  I keep getting close to buying it, but then talk myself out of it.  Maybe one day soon I will take the plunge!

I've seen many watch features in several magazines lately, and they make for a fun read, but none of the watches on those glossy pages are anything most people can afford. Per a reader's request (I LOVE getting requests by the way, so keep them coming), I wanted to showcase some unbelievably beautiful and cool watches, without the outrageously hefty price tag.

Clockwise from top right:
nixon time teller acetate in dark tortoise
guess woven texture double-wrap watch
ak anne klein purple resin bracelet watch
kenneth cole round embossed leather watch
swatch right track
movado bold
fossil stella boyfriend aluminum watch in berry



work in progress

I'm a few posts deep now, and I realized the other day I haven't yet touched on my mom's favorite subject: home design.  My mother had a knack for taking the plainest of spaces, and turning it into a beautiful, homey room that you couldn't wait to lounge in.  I never really understood how she had the patience for it, but now that I'm in my own place, I'm starting to appreciate it more.

I'm currently still staring at a blank wall in my bedroom, due to my roomate Kristin embarking on a London adventure for one year (she's kind of a big deal). When she left, the big screen went with her, and thus my TV is now in the living room.  So now, I'm left with a massive empty space, with unlimited ways to fill it.  The way I see it, I have an empty canvas. I'm in the midst of a wall project, which I'll be sharing soon.

For now, here are a couple exciting ways to spruce up your space:

Kelly of the glamourai posted this great link a couple days ago, showcasing one room decorated in two nearly identical ways: one with a high budget, and one with a low one.  Looking through all the photos, I was amazed at how similar all the rooms looked, but how steep the price differences were. I am all over that low budget route!
image via room & board
This bowl is actually a bit pricey at $39, but it is so unique! For some reason, it reminds me of a margarita...I must be having a long day.

blissliving home argo throw in ivory/pebble
A lovely publicist I've worked with a few times gifted me this throw in a beautiful floral pattern last spring, and it is one of the softest throws I have ever felt (even several months later).  It consists of cashmere and bamboo rayon, which also means it's environmentally friendly. Often times I forget it's a throw, and use it as a blanket because it's so cozy and comfortable.

This same publicist also sent me an e-mail this past week about Blissliving Home's friends and family event--and I wanted to share with all of you! Enter BLHFRIENDS at the online boutique checkout and recieve 60% off your entire order.  The only categories not included in this discount are outlet, home accessories II, and wall art. This event runs through November 30.

Home shop until you drop!


grilled cheese

Yesterday was one of those gloomy, chilly days where it sprinkled on and off all day--making it extremely difficult to find motivation to leave the house. A few of my friends and I managed to make a trip to the store though--and I'm very glad we did because we were able to create the perfect gloomy day dinner: grilled cheese.

I realize grilled cheese can easily consist of Kraft american cheese and cheap white bread, but when we make these sandwiches, we like to change it up and add more components.  Here's what we used to create this one:

french bread
brie cheese (any kind of cheese is obviously fine, but softer cheese tends to melt better)
green apples
butter (to brush the outside of the bread)

Make sure to slice the apples really thin so that the taste doesn't overwhelm the rest of the sandwich.

The best part of this meal is you can get creative! What are your favorite grilled cheese add-ons?


fall wishlist

It's deep into fall now, and I find myself lusting after beautiful fall pieces and wishing I had the cash to fill the holes in my wardrobe. Here are a few things I wish were in my closet this season:

a by adrienne landau faux fur vest//image via eat.sleep.wear
image via could i have that
zara coat  
I've been searching for some fun, comfortable, flat shoes.  How adorable are these leopard loafers by Sam Edelman?

I LOVE these cobra society boots.  My editor has the over-the-knee ones, and they're so beautiful! I've actually been looking at over-the-knee boots since last year, but every pair I find are either outrageously expensive (keep in mind, I'm incredibly cheap), or inexpensive but unflattering.  Such a vicious cycle. If anyone finds any great ones--let me know!

I rocked these bad boys in red for a fall fashion segment on KTLA. I've been wanting them every since!

j brand high-rise wide-leg corduroys
Have a great weekend everyone!


polka dots

Do you ever have those days where your to-do list is never-ending, yet you still need to look chic on the job? Well, I have them all the time.  I'm always amazed by those women who work so many hours in the day, yet still look perfectly polished and trendy.  I am one of those who struggle on days like this, and I have that same inner conversation: "What do I wear?...I don't want to wear any of this." 

I had one of those days today, and luckily I have roomates who are willing to offer their closets to me.  So I snagged some items and created a look which I not only loved, but felt comfortable in all day.

{"vintage" shirt c/o Lisa's mom,urban outfitters necklace,underground soul black jeans c/o nordstrom,jewels by the sea ring,david yurman bracelet,fossil watch,mossimo shoes c/o target}

i love wearing shoes that show off my tattoo--same as my mom's with her initials inside!

 Thank you to my encouraging friend Hanna for taking these snapshots! I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!


low balance

This time of year always brings many birthdays, but this year I've also seen an increase in weddings and babies.  I absolutely love celebrating all of these joyous occasions, but my bank account is now cleaned out.  Unfortunately, my craving for new fall clothing, shoes, and many happy hours and dinners out does not subside despite my lack of funds--so I have to find the cheapest alternatives to feed that fire.

Anyone who knows me is well aware how much I love a bargain, so there will be many posts related to such, but here's a little list of some deals I currently have my eye on.

Up to 70% off fall collections at shopbop.com.
Free shipping at Madewell through December 19.  This is one of my absolute favorite stores.  For those of you who haven't been to one, it's looped in with J-Crew--but for a younger, more urban crowd.  Madwell just received a new shipment of sale items, so proceed with caution or you may stay broke!
Bloomingdale's: Save 20-40% off through November 13, and 50% on fine jewelry

Popsugar: unlimited yoga for one month at Naam Yoga LA- $29
Living Social: one hour of yoga, followed by a wine tasting in Malibu- $70

I actually just purchased the Living Social deal for myself and two of my girlfriends--although we were lucky enough to snag it for $35 each (next time I'll make sure to update you sooner).  Stay tuned for details on our Sunday adventure!

Keep an eye on those bank accounts. I should probably take a look at mine...


cold front

Today the temperature dropped in Southern California, and while there may not be snow on the ground, I find myself craving warmth.  Here are a few things currently on my radar:
photo courtesy of a beautiful mess
Who needs Starbucks? I have been telling my roomates about this homemade salted caramel hot chocolate recipe for weeks.  I think the time to try it out is sooner rather than later.

brochu walker cardigan c/o of Saks Fifth Avenue

I spotted this cardigan on one of my favorite blogs Could I Have That recently, and ever since I have been dying to try it on.  I managed to pull it for the last fashion segment I coordinated at work, and the designer was so happy with it that she sent the cardigan to my editor! Luckily, she's been nice enough to let me borrow it from time to time, and I fully plan to bundle up in it during my trip home for Thanksgiving.

photo courtesy of eat.sleep.wear.
LOVE this outfit for a chilly day.

photo courtesy of the pioneer woman
This soup looks delicious and warm. I may have to attempt making this soon! I'll keep you all posted on how that goes (I'm sure it will be quite the adventure).

Stay warm!