1 sparkling wine and a lovely birthday gift from a friend//2 pretty orchids//3 a picture of my mom holding baby me//4 bubbles on the beach with the beau//5 taking a break on a hike//6 matching my coffee cup to my pants//7 enjoying some wine in a friend's backyard//8 lunch from the original farmers market//9 starry night mural in venice beach

The past couple weeks have consisted of flowing champagne, indulging in delicious food, and scorching heat. The spoiling from family and friends continued--although I think the best surprise I received was an old photo of my mom holding me when I was a baby my aunt included in my birthday card.  My dad still has this same photo hanging in his office.

The beau came in town this weekend and brought a couple of our friends from Oklahoma.  Friday night we stayed in to grill and watch the Olympics, and on Saturday we visited Hollywood Forever to watch Terminator, picnic in hand. We finished the weekend with a filling brunch and a walk along the Venice Boardwalk.  How did you spend the warm weekend?


  1. Loving all these photos, especially the mural and vino! Don't you just love birthday week(s)? ;)

    1. Thanks lovely! Yes, they really are the best :)