street style

I recently discovered The Styleograph, a blog ran by a photographer who captures street style around the globe. Typically spotting his muses in New York, Berlin, Milan, Paris, and other fashion-forward cities, this photographer manages to find everyday stylish men and women who possess a sincere and effortless look. It's obvious all of the subjects are comfortable in what they're wearing and have a solid grasp on their personal senses of style.

Few of the featured looks scream editorial; instead the photographer gravitates toward everyday people who put themselves together well. Talk about inspirational! East Coast and Midwestern friends be sure to check it out--I never knew cold weather wear could be so chic until I checked out this site.
Stay stylish this week my friends.


tuesday trends

Ever since Fashion Week, I've had the obvious topic on the brain.  But more specifically, I'm compelled to many of the trends popping up on the runways for fall and spring, as well as what I've seen on the streets. I've never been much of a trend-follower (and there are some I plan to stay far away from), but as I do live in L.A. and I have the opportunity to be a bit more daring with my duds, it feels wrong to not take advantage! Here are some I've been gravitating toward.
image via brooklyn blonde
Whenever the concept of wedge sneakers first popped up a la Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs, I was so not into it. The puffy tongues and loud colors seemed sloppy to me, and while I could appreciate what the iconic designers were going for, I couldn't stand the result.  But now as more brands have launched tamer, neutral versions of the sporty shoe, I find myself actually wanting a pair (much to the beau's dismay).
image via could i have that?
I'm happy to see that classics with a twist are as relevant as ever in coming seasons. You better believe this redhead is happy to rock Emerald green from head to toe and leather sleeves, pants, bags, everything.

photos via damsel in dior
A printed blazer is perfection when paired with classic black pieces underneath. This is a spring staple  I can't bear to miss out on!
photo via this time tomorrow
Bold prints popped up on the runways for spring, and it looks like they'll be sticking around for fall as well.  The trend seems tricky to pull off (and I'm no stylist so there's that), but I'm definitely willing to give it a whirl. I'm not so much for mixing prints even though it's another big trend; I prefer the bold patterns when paired with neutrals to keep the look grounded.

What trends are you dying to try for spring? What ones do you hate?


manic monday

Today was one of those days. It wasn't particularly bad nor good, but here I sit at 11 p.m. never wanting to leave my bed. Except maybe in the case of a poolside lounge...
photo via middle child complex
I'm completely exhausted right now, yet I also feel strangely exhilarated. I'm looking forward to what lies ahead and the person I'm meant to be. Blame all of these feelings on my brother, who messaged me tonight to discuss his future. He's in college and in that place where he's feeling a little lost, but also really excited about the opportunities ahead of him. Clearly that feeling extends well into your '20s.
Here's to a ground-breaking week!


match made in heaven

[heidi merrick blouse, h&m pants, target heels, coach purse, ray-ban aviators, ring- jewels by the sea in la jolla, ca]

You know, I always make a solid effort to be an organized person. I plan, I make lists and all that business, but really when it comes down to it my best ideas, outfits, revelations, etc. come when there is literally no planning whatsoever.  And that's exactly how this gem of an outfit happened.

This blouse is my absolute favorite, so I pretty much wear it all the time with everything, and these pants are a go-to when I'm feeling uninspired and looking to shake things up a little. How I didn't pair them together right away is one of the hundreds of reasons I'm not a fashion stylist.  Because I'm sure you were all wondering that before...

I hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day! I'm seeing the beau this weekend, so I'll be spending the evening with some girlfriends, a lot of wine, and Beyonce (the documentary, not her in real life unfortunately). What are your plans this year?


forty days + forty nights

In the midst of awards season and fashion week, it's so easy to get caught up in the pretty little things I see on a daily basis. I'll often find myself day-dreaming of beautiful new pieces hanging in my closet or brainstorming creative outfits for events. But this week I'm focused on something more important: God.  I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my faith, but as I'm Catholic and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, it seemed appropriate to share a few tid-bits with you.

Honestly, I'm probably one of the worst Catholics ever. I don't attend church as often as I should, and I find myself praying most often when I'm feeling lost or am in some sort of bind.  It's a relationship I've been more conscious of lately and really want to strengthen. But for some reason, whenever Lent comes around, I devote myself to it completely. In part it makes me feel closer to God, and over the past couple years it also helps me feel more connected with my mom.
image via pinterest
Growing up, Lent was something my family always participated in.  I can imagine the concept would be difficult to explain to three small kids, so my mom always made it a fun experience we could all partake in together.  We'd get all fired up about sharing our sacrifices with each other, and would report daily progress.  And Easter was an event we always looked forward to. We'd go to church, eat a delicious breakfast, and look forward to our Easter baskets and the end of giving something up.  We always knew there was something to look forward to, like if I gave up soda, there would always be a two-liter of Dr. Pepper sitting in my Easter basket.

This year, I'm giving up all sweets. I did it last year too, but to combat the craving for sweets I'd gravitate toward rich, savory foods so it basically defeated the purpose. This year, I'm challenging myself to go about it the right way.  I want to really achieve something this year.  More importantly, I also really want to focus on the true meaning of Lent--glorifying God and connecting with Him as often as possible.

Do you participate in Lent? If so, what are you giving up?



Once in a while, I'll get the itch to chop off my long locks. I cut my hair pretty short last spring, and loved the low maintenance aspect of it, but I often missed my regular look. I actually prefer my hair longer, so whenever I started thinking (a lot) about chopping my hair even shorter this time, I surprised myself.

Here are some lovely ladies rocking the look, and although I'm still debating, I'm leaning toward taking the plunge!

What do you think?



[zara t-shirt + jacket, j-brand jeans, h&m booties, target hat, scarf-gift, rebecca minkoff bag, michael kors watch,  bracelets- david yurman, tiffany's, anthropologie, rings- madewell/vintage, ray-ban sunglasses]

Keeping it short and sweet my friends. My weekend look is always pretty much a variation of this, and I'm in no hurry to find an alternative.  I'm still convinced this jacket is one of the best purchases I ever made.

Side note--too bad I'm not still trying to be a rockstar (sorry, 8-year-old Paige); these photos would totally have worked for my album cover. Am I right?


crested butte photo diary

It's been only a month since I've left Crested Butte, and I'm already yearning for my next trip! My family has been going every year, and I can't imagine the holiday season without it.

We spent most of our days in Crested Butte skiing obviously, and after a brief soak session in the hot tub (nothing is better for sore muscles), we'd either jet off to dinner at one of the town's quaint local haunts or cook something up in the room.  But I have to say my favorite meal is when we take a sleigh ride up to the top of the mountain.  Although we enjoy an amazing + elaborate three-course meal (with lots of wine), what I love most is that it was my mom's favorite part of our trip. She didn't ski, so she loved getting to ride up the mountain and see where we spent our days.

My dad and I always take a day off skiing and go to town to shop, eat, and browse the art galleries. This year, after visiting town, we also went snowmobiling.

If you ever visit, you can't miss The Secret Stash--phenomenal pizza with a cozy atmosphere. Just make sure you order appetizers as the pizzas take quite a pretty long time. Well worth the wait, I assure you. Also be sure to try a breakfast sandwich (specifically, the Hurley) from Gas Cafe. No other breakfast sandwich I've had even compares!
Happy Tuesday!