foodie friday: the omelette parlor

Let's be honest--when I'm selecting a brunch spot, hunting down the perfect mimosa price is a major factor.  I love nothing more than indulging in a rich eggs Benedict and washing it down with some prosecco.  But other mornings I crave nothing but fresh, delicious food; the best of the best--mimosas or not.  Whenever I'm having a morning like that I rush to one of my favorite Santa Monica spots, The Omelette Parlor.
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The Omelette Parlor on Main Street is a cute little hub for all thinks brunch.  The first thing I loved about this place was the management: even though there's always a wait, they get people in and out of there so quickly that no one ever seems to mind.  As soon as you sit down, a kind server offers you coffee or fresh-squeezed orange juice while you browse the menu.  I suggest accepting as the menu is pretty extensive and will probably take a while to peruse through.

Although the service is hit-or-miss (I've had impeccable service, and I've had to flag down my server for any and everything), the real gem here is the food.  All of it.  Everything on the menu is delectable, down to the fruit garnishing all the plates.  Also many dishes have clever names--the Schwarzenegger, for instance (an omelet made with diced ham, swiss, and tomatoes). I tend to order the California Benedict...I know, you're shocked.  I mean, it has hollandaise sauce and sun-dried tomato pesto.  How can you expect me to not order that?

Not To Be Missed: cinnamon roll, breakfast burrito, california benedict, croissant breakfast, any of the omelets (obviously)
*I haven't tried the burger, but it looks incredible also

Another important thing to note is the portions here are huge.  On my first visit, the gals and I overestimated our eating abilities and ordered about 4 things to share.  Needless to say, we couldn't even come close to finishing!
Bon Appetit!

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