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Several months ago, the buzz around my office was a new gym opened on the Sunset Strip.  But this was no ordinary gym.  Formerly exclusive to New York, SoulCycle is an intense spinning class unlike any other.  Every instructor is the greatest motivator you'll ever meet, and every classmate is beyond pumped to be sweating profusely.  I befriended some lovely girls who do the PR for this cult-like class, and they took me along one evening.  And just like anyone else who walks through the SoulCycle doors, I was hooked.
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Picture this: you walk in the glass doors and are met by smiling, in-shape ladies who walk you through how the class works.  You grab a bottle of SmartWater and some spinning shoes, throw your stuff into a locker, and walk into a dark room filled with stationary bikes.  After another friendly employee helps you set up your bike, and soon after, the instructor walks in and the room is immediately filled with a vibrant, positive energy.  The next 45 minutes are a combination of deafening dance music, loud grunting, yells of encouragement, lots of sweat, and a tid-bit of nausea.  After every class, I basically look like I just stepped out of the shower (cute, I know).

While that may not sound like something you'd enjoy at first, every person also leaves feeling refreshed and empowered.  Not only are these classes guaranteed to provide a hardcore workout, but the words from the instructors leave you feeling like you're someone special who can conquer the world.

At first I was going multiple times a week because I love the classes so much--but unfortunately, at $25-35 a class (depending on the city), my bank account did not support my love for this new activity.  I've now worked it into my budget and try to visit once a week.

And for those of you who aren't in New York or L.A., don't worry--Vanity Fair recently reported SoulCycle is coming soon to 60 new locations, so hopefully you can get in on this action. You won't regret it!
PS- I had to share this photo of Jasmine and Lizz, two other friends who are just as (if not more) addicted to SoulCycle as I am.  How adorable are they?

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