happy labor day weekend!

Labor Day weekend is finally here! What are your big plans? Originally the beau and I wanted to take a little trip, but we decided to stay local instead, and honestly I'm glad we did. We're planning on lots of down-time, hiking, cooking, and some possible wine tasting.

Ever since I was little, holiday weekends in my family meant visiting the lake and eating nothing but barbeque and burgers.  So my suggestion is to celebrate Summer's end with a little barbeque action in the best possible place: your own backyard!
image via pinterest
image via pinterest
Have a fun + safe holiday weekend, friends! I'll see you back here on Tuesday with a week full of fashion to celebrate New York Fashion Week.



[h&m blazer, mike gonzalez tank, lush shorts {first seen here}, target sandals, rebecca minkoff bag, ray-ban aviators, michael kors watch, bracelets: david yurman/anthropologie, rings: madewell/family heirloom, essie nail polish]

When it's almost September, but it's still scorching hot outside...what in the world are you supposed to wear?  Lately every morning I walk into my closet and just stare blankly because I'm craving fall so badly, but the weather is not accommodating me.

Obviously this isn't a pressing issue for most people, but I'm lazy and I like my morning routine to be quick and easy. Luckily this getup took about two minutes to think up. It's comfy and I still look put together, that is, until I started sweating from standing outside for too long.  Too much? Sorry, I like to share things.

This week has been a busy one requiring lots of caffeine. But Labor Day weekend is looming and will be here in no time! I hope everyone is having a good + productive week.



1 sunset//2 casual friday, talking rocky for a walk//3 art installation at lacma//4 lemon-infused vodka//5 playa del rey//6 outfit of the day {borrowed silence + noise romper, h&m booties}//7 lunch picnic//8 an orange tree in a pretty yard on my street//9 tasting capture wines with co-workers//10 getting ready for a relaxing sunday//11 bottomless mimosas and cheddar and chive tater tot burrito at r gang in san diego

This time of year is always a bit awkward: the end of summer is near, and while I know we're all ready for some cooler weather and fall fashion, who wants the late brunches, beach days, and happy hours to stop? Not me. I'm soaking up the last bits of summer while I can.  How are you spending the last of your summer days?


foodie friday: mercato di vetro

Last Sunday my friend Ashely celebrated her birthday, and to toast her loveliness, we ventured to Mercato di Vetro, a new(ish) SBE property in the heart of West Hollywood.  Ashely had taken my roommate Lisa and I there once before, but it was exciting to try the restaurant in a big group and try different dishes.  The contemporary Italian eatery and market is absolutely stunning inside, and boasts one of the most interesting and well-organized menus I've ever seen.
image via haute living
image via los angeles times
image via yelp
Chef Danny Elmaleh serves up traditional Italian dishes using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring each dish is simple and delectable.  The menu features a wide range of antipasti and small plates to share, so make sure to bring a few friends when visiting.  Obviously the restaurant's wine list is extensive and amazing, but don't rule out their specialty cocktails, either.  Grey Goose  Peartini, anyone?

Mercato di Vetro recently began featuring a family-style Sunday Supper--a three-course dining experience for $24 a person, with $5 glasses of wine, $20 bottles of wine, $4 Peroni, and $10 Peartinis.  Our group sampled a diverse antipasti plate, followed by tender braised shortribs with gnocchi alla romana, heirloom carrots, and gremolata.  In short, it was heavenly.

Not To Be Missed
Sunday Supper menu, antipasti bar, fried olives, hamachi, meatballs, sausage puttanesca

I have no doubt everything else on the well-crafted menu is amazing as well. I'm dying to head back again and try the Pomodoro pasta and prosciutto pizza with Burrata.  This is a perfect spot for a girls' dinner or a date!
Happy Friday everyone!


summer lovin'

With summer about to wrap up, I'm taking every opportunity I can to soak up the very last bit of the season's activities. Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Street Food Cinema for the first time--an outdoor movie screening complete with live music and several popular food trucks.

The warm evening kicked off at Exposition Park with an '80s themed double-header of Valley Girl and Sixteen Candles.  A DJ spun some tunes while the some 2,000 guests visited the various food trucks and sponsor booths.  A live cover band performed just before the first movie started rolling on the giant inflatable screen.

My friends and I snagged a great spot near the front of the screen, with sheets, pillows, and champagne in tow.  Along with the various food trucks, Moviefone offered free popcorn in interesting flavors like white truffle and sea salt.  We tasted the fire roasted corn and black bean guacamole with jumbo lump crab, garlic and manchego curly fries, and a scallop slider from The Slummin' Gourmet and a basic burger from Rounds Premium Burgers.

If you're in L.A., be sure to stop one of the remaining Street Food Cinema screenings.  Due to its success, the organization extended its season through September 22.  It's the perfect way to spend a lazy summer evening!


forever remembered

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Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my mom's death.  The interesting thing is, I didn't remember it right away like I did last year.  Lately I have this ongoing problem of not knowing what date it is, specifically on weekends.  So the moment I realized it was August 19th, the pain hit me all at once. And it hit me hard.

The best thing for me to do was to go about it like a normal day, and focus on doing enjoyable things with people I love.  In the little quiet moments I would think about her and be able to smile about all the great memories we had, instead of constantly focusing on where we all were two years prior.  The beau drove down for the day, and some friends biked to the beach with us.  We ate greasy food and soaked up the sun. We played in the waves. We relaxed.  We ate delicious Italian food for a friend's birthday. We drank wine. All in all, it was a good day. A day my mom would have loved.  And really, that was my ultimate goal.


foodie friday: the omelette parlor

Let's be honest--when I'm selecting a brunch spot, hunting down the perfect mimosa price is a major factor.  I love nothing more than indulging in a rich eggs Benedict and washing it down with some prosecco.  But other mornings I crave nothing but fresh, delicious food; the best of the best--mimosas or not.  Whenever I'm having a morning like that I rush to one of my favorite Santa Monica spots, The Omelette Parlor.
all images via

The Omelette Parlor on Main Street is a cute little hub for all thinks brunch.  The first thing I loved about this place was the management: even though there's always a wait, they get people in and out of there so quickly that no one ever seems to mind.  As soon as you sit down, a kind server offers you coffee or fresh-squeezed orange juice while you browse the menu.  I suggest accepting as the menu is pretty extensive and will probably take a while to peruse through.

Although the service is hit-or-miss (I've had impeccable service, and I've had to flag down my server for any and everything), the real gem here is the food.  All of it.  Everything on the menu is delectable, down to the fruit garnishing all the plates.  Also many dishes have clever names--the Schwarzenegger, for instance (an omelet made with diced ham, swiss, and tomatoes). I tend to order the California Benedict...I know, you're shocked.  I mean, it has hollandaise sauce and sun-dried tomato pesto.  How can you expect me to not order that?

Not To Be Missed: cinnamon roll, breakfast burrito, california benedict, croissant breakfast, any of the omelets (obviously)
*I haven't tried the burger, but it looks incredible also

Another important thing to note is the portions here are huge.  On my first visit, the gals and I overestimated our eating abilities and ordered about 4 things to share.  Needless to say, we couldn't even come close to finishing!
Bon Appetit!


fall wish list

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but now that this intense heat has become a daily occurrence, I'm already dreaming of fall. I'm ready for crisp air, hot chocolate, baggy sweaters, fur, and boots.  I'm ready to visit Oklahoma to watch the leaves change colors.  Mostly, I'm ready to stop sweating the second I step outside.

With that said, I've already started thinking about the holes in my closet I need to fill for the fall season.  There are only a couple (yay!), so mostly I find myself dreaming of things I wish could be mine during the cooler months.

 One J Brand high-waisted jeans//Two J.Crew enameled elephant bracelet//Three Cambridge metallic satchel//Four Gap suede loafters//Five 3.1 Phillip Lim leather shorts//Six Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C clutch {dying for a deep berry hue like this}//Seven Burberry trench with leather sleeves//Eight Isabel Marant Dicker suede ankle boots//Nine Coach Legacy colorblock leather carry-all
image via sincerely, jules
I'm also coveting a jacket like this one. It's such a classic piece and perfect for fall! Actually, I wouldn't be upset if this entire outfit magically appeared in my closet....that, and Zara's entire fall line.

A girl can dream, right?


carpe diem

[h&m shirt {old, but similar here}, skirt- kyss boutique {similar here}, target sandals, clutch- bumble bee boutique, gifted sunglasses, michael kors watch, rings: madewell, family heirloom]
Sometimes taking a random Friday afternoon off is necessary.  Unplug, eat some delicious food, spend time with a friend, and maybe even slip into a near-comatose state with a relaxing massage.

Now that I'm technically an adult I guess (yikes), I've realized the importance of taking the time to pamper myself every once in a while.  I believe it's good for your mind and body to let go of stress as often as possible, but unfortunately for me I need some means of escape in order to do so.

If nothing else, a day off once in a while is really just good for the soul.


addicted to soulcycle

Several months ago, the buzz around my office was a new gym opened on the Sunset Strip.  But this was no ordinary gym.  Formerly exclusive to New York, SoulCycle is an intense spinning class unlike any other.  Every instructor is the greatest motivator you'll ever meet, and every classmate is beyond pumped to be sweating profusely.  I befriended some lovely girls who do the PR for this cult-like class, and they took me along one evening.  And just like anyone else who walks through the SoulCycle doors, I was hooked.
image via
image via
Picture this: you walk in the glass doors and are met by smiling, in-shape ladies who walk you through how the class works.  You grab a bottle of SmartWater and some spinning shoes, throw your stuff into a locker, and walk into a dark room filled with stationary bikes.  After another friendly employee helps you set up your bike, and soon after, the instructor walks in and the room is immediately filled with a vibrant, positive energy.  The next 45 minutes are a combination of deafening dance music, loud grunting, yells of encouragement, lots of sweat, and a tid-bit of nausea.  After every class, I basically look like I just stepped out of the shower (cute, I know).

While that may not sound like something you'd enjoy at first, every person also leaves feeling refreshed and empowered.  Not only are these classes guaranteed to provide a hardcore workout, but the words from the instructors leave you feeling like you're someone special who can conquer the world.

At first I was going multiple times a week because I love the classes so much--but unfortunately, at $25-35 a class (depending on the city), my bank account did not support my love for this new activity.  I've now worked it into my budget and try to visit once a week.

And for those of you who aren't in New York or L.A., don't worry--Vanity Fair recently reported SoulCycle is coming soon to 60 new locations, so hopefully you can get in on this action. You won't regret it!
PS- I had to share this photo of Jasmine and Lizz, two other friends who are just as (if not more) addicted to SoulCycle as I am.  How adorable are they?



1 sparkling wine and a lovely birthday gift from a friend//2 pretty orchids//3 a picture of my mom holding baby me//4 bubbles on the beach with the beau//5 taking a break on a hike//6 matching my coffee cup to my pants//7 enjoying some wine in a friend's backyard//8 lunch from the original farmers market//9 starry night mural in venice beach

The past couple weeks have consisted of flowing champagne, indulging in delicious food, and scorching heat. The spoiling from family and friends continued--although I think the best surprise I received was an old photo of my mom holding me when I was a baby my aunt included in my birthday card.  My dad still has this same photo hanging in his office.

The beau came in town this weekend and brought a couple of our friends from Oklahoma.  Friday night we stayed in to grill and watch the Olympics, and on Saturday we visited Hollywood Forever to watch Terminator, picnic in hand. We finished the weekend with a filling brunch and a walk along the Venice Boardwalk.  How did you spend the warm weekend?


foodie friday: pink taco

It's no secret that Mexican is my favorite type of food. I could easily eat it every day, and I often have to stop myself from doing so.  When I moved to SoCal two years ago, I was ecstatic to have delicious authentic Mexican food at my fingertips. But surprisingly it took me a while to find a place I loved (with the exception of every food truck-all of those are amazing).

images via
I first discovered Pink Taco when I was working in Century City as the one at Westfield mall was within walking distance. It was the perfect spot to run over to for a long lunch or post-work margaritas. I visited the new location on Sunset this week, and it did not disappoint. The edgy restaurant boasts an accommodating staff and dishes stuffed with quality, flavorful meats. What could be better? Also, I was told Johnny Depp had a party there a few days ago, so clearly it needs to be my new hangout.

Not to be missed:
Food: hornitos shrimp, sweet corn tamales, burrito tradicional, pollo adobado quesadillas
Cocktails: house margarita (it's perfectly simple)

Happy Friday lovelies!


a healthier life

This year, I noticed a slight change in my metabolism. Now, I'll be honest and say I've been pretty lucky in this category, but I still hit a point where I was unhappy with my body when I looked in the mirror.  I've been active my entire life-I danced from when I was 5 until I was 18, and took Pilates and hit the gym consistently in college. But when I moved to L.A. it got a bit tougher. I was working long hours and into the night at first, and then landed my full time job at the magazine where I was sitting behind a desk for 10 hours a day.
image via
I knew buying a gym membership and forcing myself to go was not the right route for me.  I ultimately stopped dancing because it didn't make me happy anymore (that, and I was never that great at it, but that's another story)...and I know myself well enough not to start something I won't enjoy as I won't keep up with it.

Luckily, this city has so many different outlets for getting in shape, and now that I've found them I've also found the healthy balance I was looking for. Hiking, yoga, and spinning are among my favorites.  Considering how much these activities are part of my daily life and something I've ultimately come to love, I think it's only fitting I begin sharing them.  I'm definitely no expert, so mostly I'll be exploring my favorite spots and how I ultimately found that routine I was craving.

I could also go into some pretty epic stories of how my mom exercised--does the name Billy Blanks ring a bell to anyone?
Happy Humpday!


currently coveting: ipad cases

I think we can all agree Mondays are a drag.  You're still on a high from the weekend and walking into work with a giant to-do list isn't always a mood-lifter.  But sometimes, great things happen on Mondays.  They could be little things, like someone giving you a compliment or finding a dollar in your wallet, or they could be big, like receiving a package from home when you walk in the front door.
image via
I've been wanting an iPad for quite a while now, so I was thrilled my family got me one for my birthday!  Immediately after setting it up last night I began perusing for a chic case, and I finally found a Rebecca Minkoff one (on sale!) this morning.  Here are some other cute ones I'm lusting after, but aren't quite in my budget.
Clockwise from top:
Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C
Marc by Marc Jacobs Logo Cartridge tablet book
Ben Minkoff Lance Leather iPad tote
Kate Spade Composition Notebook iPad folio
Kate Spade Rugby Stripe iPad folio
Twelve South BookBook

What are some of your favorite ways to dress up your gadgets?