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This year, I noticed a slight change in my metabolism. Now, I'll be honest and say I've been pretty lucky in this category, but I still hit a point where I was unhappy with my body when I looked in the mirror.  I've been active my entire life-I danced from when I was 5 until I was 18, and took Pilates and hit the gym consistently in college. But when I moved to L.A. it got a bit tougher. I was working long hours and into the night at first, and then landed my full time job at the magazine where I was sitting behind a desk for 10 hours a day.
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I knew buying a gym membership and forcing myself to go was not the right route for me.  I ultimately stopped dancing because it didn't make me happy anymore (that, and I was never that great at it, but that's another story)...and I know myself well enough not to start something I won't enjoy as I won't keep up with it.

Luckily, this city has so many different outlets for getting in shape, and now that I've found them I've also found the healthy balance I was looking for. Hiking, yoga, and spinning are among my favorites.  Considering how much these activities are part of my daily life and something I've ultimately come to love, I think it's only fitting I begin sharing them.  I'm definitely no expert, so mostly I'll be exploring my favorite spots and how I ultimately found that routine I was craving.

I could also go into some pretty epic stories of how my mom exercised--does the name Billy Blanks ring a bell to anyone?
Happy Humpday!

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