forever remembered

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Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of my mom's death.  The interesting thing is, I didn't remember it right away like I did last year.  Lately I have this ongoing problem of not knowing what date it is, specifically on weekends.  So the moment I realized it was August 19th, the pain hit me all at once. And it hit me hard.

The best thing for me to do was to go about it like a normal day, and focus on doing enjoyable things with people I love.  In the little quiet moments I would think about her and be able to smile about all the great memories we had, instead of constantly focusing on where we all were two years prior.  The beau drove down for the day, and some friends biked to the beach with us.  We ate greasy food and soaked up the sun. We played in the waves. We relaxed.  We ate delicious Italian food for a friend's birthday. We drank wine. All in all, it was a good day. A day my mom would have loved.  And really, that was my ultimate goal.

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