family heirlooms

I recently re-discovered a family heirloom I should have been cherishing from the second it came into my possession.  We have most of our family jewels tucked away in a lock box, but my mom often wore one piece that has been in our family for 4 generations now.
The ring I always wear on my pinky is my great-grandmother's engagement ring.  My mom wore it on her pinky as well...apparently my great-grandmother had tiny fingers!

It may seem silly, but since I never met her, I love feeling that connection to both her and my mom when wearing it. That David Yurman bracelet was also my mom's--I wear it every single day.  I hope to one day have a daughter so I can pass it along to her.  I love how jewelry can be so timeless and hold such a special meaning behind it as well.

What are some family keepsakes you're never without?

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