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July is here, which means June Gloom in SoCal is officially over! Granted, there was maybe only a week or so that was actually gloomy...but either way, July feels like the official start of summer.  The weather is toasty, the bikinis are tiny, and everyone is headed to the beach or a BBQ on any given weekend. 

One of my favorite summer pastimes since college has been relaxing on a patio with friends and a fresh meal or a cocktail (or two).  So obviously when I moved into a place with a back patio, I was thrilled!  But after we got settled, my roomates and I discovered our dream backyard wasn't in exactly the best shape.  I decided to give it a little makeover so we could really enjoy the space this year.  There are still a few steps left, but I'm loving the progress so far and wanted to share.
[shakin' lemonade recipe here]
I don't have "before" photos--but I just love how much cozier this space feels.  Unfortunately we don't have any grass in our backyard, so I'm focusing completely on the patio.  My next step is to string Edison lights up overhead.  The beau already prepared all the nails for me, so as soon as I find the lights this should complete the space.

Since finishing the patio up on Saturday, I've already spent much more time out there.  I'm imagining many girls brunches, wine nights, and romantic dinners with the beau in my summer plans.  What are your favorite summer activities?

Fouton: Koreatown Galleria
Chairs + side table: Home Depot
Pillows + colored lanterns: West Elm
Flameless tea lights: Target

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