shakin' lemonade

Stepping outside today (in a tee, maxi skirt, and sandals, by the way) reminded me that Spring is actually here.  Despite all the rain and cold we've had in SoCal this week, today is a warm, sunny, and beautiful day.  The kind of day where I love sitting on a pretty porch with friends, sipping refreshing cocktails into the evening.
I first tried a Shakin' Lemonade at one of my favorite restaurants, M Street Kitchen.  They serve this refreshing cocktail in a mason jar--and let's be honest, that makes me love it even more.  I also love how simple it is to recreate--all you need are three ingredients!

Shakin' Lemonade
What you'll need:
-Ketel One vodka (or whatever you favorite is--just make sure it's a good vodka)

What you'll do:
-Fill a glass (or mason jar) with ice and a sprig of fresh rosemary
-Pour desired amount of vodka into a shaker (I prefer 1-2 shots), and fill the rest with lemonade
-Shake it up!
-Pour contents into your glass and enjoy!

Simple and refreshing--can you think of anything better? I hope everyone has a warm, relaxing weekend!

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