1 a new blouse {last seen here}/2 rocky pup and his new friend/3 enjoying happy hour at waterloo & city/4 a pretty view on an early evening walk/5 giant sunflower found in my neighborhood/6 my b-day gift from the beau--a beach cruiser!!!/7 grilled tilipia, rosemary potatoes, and broccolini

Unplugging over the weekend was exactly what I needed.  The beau and I designated the couch as our home base for watching many movies and the entire first season of Girls (I'm now addicted), and of course cheering on the USA in the Olympics.  But my favorite part was just relaxing with him and not putting on any makeup whatsoever all weekend.  It's been too long since either of those things happened.

I now feel completely refreshed for this week and my birthday activities, which kick off tomorrow! I definitely don't feel mature enough to be turning 24, but I guess I don't really have a choice in the matter...all I know is I intend to indulge way too much and spending time with friends.

Have a great week everyone!

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