foodie friday: chaya downtown

Chaya in Downtown L.A. is another one of my go-to's.  My friend Tammy introduced me to this place many months ago on a night when we both desperately needed a happy hour, and it's now one of our favorite meeting spots.  I've also dragged the beau + other friends here, and never heard a single complaint about it.
image via eater la
image via tasting table
Chaya has an elegant ambiance (and free valet), with a hint of edge (can you see the chandelier made with various plastic trinkets?) and a staff that happily jokes with you while providing excellent service.  This is easily my favorite place for happy hour in L.A. to date.  They offer a large variety of both food and drink items, and the menu is constantly changing so you never have the same experience twice.  Options are very important for me on a menu--I enjoy trying new things and the great happy hour pricing makes it impossible to not indulge.

Not To Be Missed:
Drinks: seeing double, russian blues, the dragon
Food:  cheese plate trio, brussels sprouts, kobe beef sliders, seafood tartare roll, macaroni gratin with truffle oil

Happy Friday, everyone! Try something scrumptious this weekend.

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