foodie friday: m street kitchen

Two of my girlfriends from college just landed in LaLa Land last night, and I could not be more excited! It will surely be a whirlwind weekend of beach time, shopping, drinking (I already bought some Ketel so I can make these), and of course eating.  
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Whenever people are only in town for a short while, I always have a couple key restaurants I try to take them to.  My friends Holli and Abra introduced me to M Street Kitchen about two months after I moved to L.A.   I've already boasted about their cocktails, but what really makes this place great is the atmosphere. Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, this cozy spot is a good balance of upscale and casual. The interior is trickled with rustic details, while the patio exudes a relaxed, California vibe.  It's one of my favorite places to lounge in the sun after hitting the beach.  Along with a phenomenal happy hour (hello, $3 sangria and $6 burger), M Street hits the nail on the head with fresh cuisine.  Their mouth-watering burger is nothing fancy, and it's also one of my favorites in town. 

Not To Be Missed
Cocktails: shakin' lemonade, red sangria, ruta 22 malbec
Food: pulled chicken nachitos, sweet potato roll, sonoma salad (my version here), california griddle burger, chicken tacos (my favorite)

Happy Friday! I'm off to take my gals to this place as soon as happy hour starts.

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