suit up

[madewell blazer {similar here}, bp lace tank {similar here}, express shorts, toms wedges, rebecca minkoff bag, rayban aviators, gifted shoe dazzle necklace, michael kors watch, bracelets-david yurman/anthropologie, rings-madewell/family heirloom]

Discovering my personal style has been a very long and often complicated process.  My mom always told me that when I was little, I refused to wear anything but dresses and tights. If she tried to put me in pants or shorts, I threw a hissy fit.  Fast forward to middle school--I rarely wanted to put on a dress and I loathed tights.  I was a dancer my entire life, so my guess is because I had to wear tights while dancing, I didn't want to wear them in everyday life. In high school I wore nothing but t-shirts and sneakers most of the time.  Not exactly a fashion statement, but it was convenient for my busy lifestyle.

Now college...that was a whole different ball game. I foolishly followed all the typical sorority girl (yes, sorority girl) trends: nike shorts, t-shirts adorned with greek letters, North Face jackets, Uggs and rain boots. Now while there's nothing wrong with most of these pieces alone, I (along with seemingly every other girl at OU) wore them together.  My mom absolutely hated it and poked fun anytime she saw me wearing them.

The past couple years I've really come to discover my love of fashion, but more importantly developing my own sense of style and feeling a strong connection with my mother in the process.  There are trends I've loved and hated, but many of the pieces I really love are ones that have been in my closet for years.  I'm drawn to classic pieces, with a bit of edge thrown in from time to time.  It has been so much fun watching my closet evolve and putting together things I never would have before.

This outfit is a great example--I don't think I ever would have worn something like this a year ago.  But now, this style is one of my go-to's.  This is my take on a suit--I always feel comfortable and put together in something like this.  The fact that it's red, white, and blue? Well, that's just an awesome bonus.

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  1. I love this post! I was the opposite in college - I rebelled against sorority fashion as best as I could, haha (well, I may have given in to the sorority t-shirts...). Like the year those "gaucho" pants were in? No, thank you! But like you, I had an interesting take on fashion in college and now out in the real world, I love rediscovering what looks good on me.