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It's very simple to get caught up in the depths of the internet--between Google and social media sites I can keep myself entertained (read: distracted) for hours.  During said moments, sometimes I'll stumble upon websites that don't include a word of English, yet are still richly compelling with beautiful photos.  I'm also drawn to characters in other languages, despite the fact I can't understand what they mean.  One such Russian fashion website stopped me in my tracks today, and I felt the need to share.

Buro 24/7 was launched by ultimate fashionista Miroslava Duma, an individual whom I learned about here many months ago.  Duma is a former editor of the Russian edition of Harper's Bazaar, and has since transitioned into freelance work.  I stumbled upon her site whilst reading this New York Times article, which gives an in-depth synopsis of the "Russian Fashion Pack" and their impact on the fashion industry.  Considering fashion is still a relatively new interest to me, I absolutely love discovering new elements of the industry and seeing how it can bring people of all nationalities together.  It's a beautiful thing, really.
image via brooklyn blonde
What are some enthralling websites you've stumbled upon lately? I always enjoy finding new ones to peruse. Happy Monday!

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