oh so jealous

I'm generally not a jealous person.  I love my life and as I've grown up I've really learned to love myself, flaws and all.  I believe each person is unique, and that should be celebrated, rather than everyone trying to blend together.  But, there is one thing that makes me so very jealous of other ladies in the world.  I'm always vying for someone else's bag or blouse--I'm constantly seeing pieces I wish were hanging in my own closet.  Since I'm clearly on a fashion kick, I wanted to share some of my personal fashion icons.
image via brooklyn blonde
Miroslava Duma- This Russian beauty is not afraid to take risks; I love how bold all of her choices are.  Even though I don't always love everything she wears,  I admire the confidence behind each and every one of her ensembles.
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Olivia Palermo- Everything she puts on is the perfect mixture of classic and fashion forward.  She always manages to look put together in a seemingly effortless way--something I think every girl strives for.
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Lauren Conrad- Somehow her style is the perfect balance of classic and boho; she never looks overdone and always stays true to her personal style.

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Blake Lively- She's Karl Lagerfeld's muse.  Must I go on?
image via sincerely, jules
Julie Sarinana- I was hooked on Jules' style the second I first visited her blog.  Like almost all of my other style icons, she has an effortless style I crave.  Everything she puts on is just cool.  She'll pair studded converse sneakers with flirty dresses like it's the easiest thing in the world to do, and I totally love it.
image via could i have that
Samantha Hutchinson- This lifestyle blogger is probably my biggest style icon of the bunch.  Everything she features is very wearable in everyday life, and she's flawless at mixing high and low-priced pieces.  She pairs things in such an interesting way, that after reading her posts I'm always staring into my closet brainstorming of new ways to wear what I already own.  I probably also have a strange kinship with her because she's a fellow redhead, and I have no problem admitting that.

I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far. I'd love to hear who your style icons are!

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