1. Homemade primavera pasta
2. Gorgeous day at an L.A. Dodgers game
3. The ferris wheel on Santa Monica Pier
4. Asos clutch and gifted cuff
5. A stunning sunset
6. Mini mango + chicken pot pie c/o Palihouse at a food + wine event at the Fairmont

Another whirlwind weekend just passed by.  The beau had a bunch of college friends in town, and all the boys stayed at my place.  Total madness.  We spent most of our time at Hermosa Beach basking in the sun, enjoying the Jose Cuervo Volleyball Tournament, bar hopping on the pier, and playing some volleyball before the sun set.  I spent yesterday recovering with a mini-marathon of The Biggest Loser, cleaning the kitchen, and attending a food event with Jasmine and Lizz.  The perfect way to end the weekend, if you ask me.
Happy Monday!

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