foodie friday: sweet tooth

Yesterday was my roommate's birthday, and with birthdays come sweets. And lots of them.  For Lisa, I decided to forgo the normal cake route (because she makes the best ones anyway), and picked up a chocolate tart and some macaroons in various flavors and sizes.   I also drove Jasmine to the airport, and she gave me some macaroons to thank me!  So, needless to say, I've had sweets on the brain (and in my belly) ever since.
image via little oven
In an attempt to contain myself (I need to be able to fit into a bridesmaids dress next weekend, after all), I thought I would share with you some of my favorite local spots to get a fix.  A stop at any of these places is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

Bottega Louie, macaroons
Essential Chocolate Desserts, cake balls (the beau surprised me with these once, and I'm now obsessed)
Lemonade, mini cupcakes (the red velvet is my favorite)
Coolhaus, ice cream (started as a truck, and opened a store last year)
Bouchon Bakery, macaroons
M Street Kitchen, cookies
Jack 'n Jills, crepes + muffins
Manhattan Beach Creamery, ice cream (you can make your own ice-cream sandwiches!)

I'm still crossing my fingers that Lake Street Creamery will return one day....what's better than trying crazy ice cream concoctions (like "pancake breakfast" with maple syrup, bacon bits, and peaberry coffee) from a truck?

Do you have a sweet tooth or are you more of a salt lover? My mom was definitely a person who craved salty rather than sweet--it made eating with her great because I had the dessert all to myself! Have a lovely weekend!

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