foodie friday: fat fish

In light of my upcoming trip to San Diego this weekend to see the beau, I wanted to shake things up a bit and share one of our favorite restaurants in Pacific Beach, Fat Fish.  Located a mere half block from the pier, the low key restaurant offers a diverse menu with both delectable Mexican dishes and fresh seafood. 
There has not been a single dish I've tried I didn't like, and the variety of margaritas is insane.  But if I'm being completely honest, I always go with the same one...the Giant Fat Fish Marg: 27 ounces of goodness.

Fat Fish has a "cantina" side and a restaurant side, which gives patrons the opportunity to have different dining experiences depending on their mood.  The cantina side is a little more laid back and bar-focused, while the restaurant side is more traditional--but both promise excellent food and service.  I recommend sitting outside on the patio next to the fire pit for the ultimate summertime treat.  Next on my "to try" list is the nut-crusted brie, tequila lobster bisque, and their breakfast.

Not To Be Missed:
Food- shrimp diablo, lobster stuffed mushrooms, potato wrapped white sea bass, sizzling carne asada fajitas
Cocktails- giant fat fish marg (or any of the margaritas, really)

P.S. how adorable is my man up there sippin' on that giant margarita?
Happy Friday (finally)!!

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