weekend snapshots

Last week was one of those weeks that dragged on, and at the end of it I still felt unproductive.  Luckily, on Friday my company gave all employees a half-day, and I was able to regroup.  The entire weekend was spent relaxing, which was convenient because the past couple work days have been insane.

I took the beau on an early birthday surprise "staycation" this weekend. We went to Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, where (thanks to one of my amazing former co-workers), we were treated with an ocean-veiw room.  The modern space was very cozy and accommodating, and we spent most of our time there sipping cocktails on the balcony.  Easter Sunday was just as tranquil with movie marathons, mimosas, and mass amounts of chocolate. I gave up all sweets for lent, so needless to say I had quite the stomach ache toward the end of the day.

Cheers to a new week, friends!


  1. Is that eggs benedict I see in one of those photos??? Because that is quite possibly my favorite meal of all time! Haha, I'll eat breakfast for dinner if I can :) Looks yummy!


    1. Yes ma'am!! This one had hash browns in it too..bonus. Definitely one of my favorite meals too! :)