clutch envy

I've always considered myself a bit of a bag lady.  Not in the sense that I have lots of bags (I wish I did), but that I tend to carry giant bags in which I can stuff every possible thing into.  As of late, I've been trying to avoid this because they're annoying to carry and weigh my look down.  Especially once I began browsing fashion blogs, all I want is to throw the necessities in a fun clutch and run out the door.
From top left:
Zara leather clutch
H&M turquoise bag
H&M hard case bag
Zara plaited clutch
Asos envelope clutch
Forever 21 tribal clutch

Any of these would be the perfect finish or pop of color to a great spring look.  If you're in L.A., my friend often gets amazing deals for small bags in the Fashion District (we're talking $8 here, people). I also love searching local boutiques, and plan to look into some vintage places soon. Happy bag hunting!

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  1. I love your choice of clutches, especially the Asos envelope clutch. Great blog- I'm a new follower:)