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A whirlwind morning (not a great one, I might add) has me counting down the minutes until I'm sitting on the patio at The Churchill sipping cocktails with some friends. 

But despite that, some amazing things have happened this week! I found out a few friends from home are visiting me this Summer, one of my closest childhood friends is having a baby boy in October, and to top it all off...I GOT A PROMOTION!! I've actually known about it for months (it's been a bit of a process), but my company found my replacement and so I'll transition to my new role within the next couple weeks. I have to say it's the best feeling when hard work pays off.
image via oh happy day!
Here are some other lovely inspirations from around the web:
Summertime picnics never sounded so lovely.
The next time it rains (let's hope not for a long time), I want to stay dry in style.
I just picked up this pretty stationery yesterday--I'm excited to catch-up with friends, pen-pal style.
Stunning homes will be popping up everywhere when people get their hands on this book.
Such a quirky, adorable trend.
If only this dress could be mine.
Pizza for breakfast.
A useful how-to for a chic topnot.
The sweetest elopement photos.
Vintage garden snapshots.

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Happy Friday lovelies!

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