foodie friday: the churchill

Happy Friday, everyone!  The end of the week always brings visions of the weekend--which for me always means extra time to try out new recipes or restaurants.  Truth be told, I allow myself to eat like a king on weekends.  Usually I spend too much money on eating out and even more time thinking about the meals which lie ahead. Pathetic maybe--but food is something I have always been passionate about and I fully intend to enjoy it as much as possible (especially while my high metabolism is still intact).

With that said, I bring you Foodie Friday.  Each week I'll be sharing great restaurants around L.A. (or wherever I happen to be that week) or new recipes--essentially anything and everything related to food.

First up is The Churchill, a lovely rustic restaurant nestled in the hustle and bustle of West Hollywood.  I first visited this popular venue a few weeks ago, and returned for round two yesterday after work.  The first element that struck my interest was the impeccable design of this quaint space: the sidewalk patio was complete with a fireplace, comfy booths, and Edison twinkle lights, while wood tables and exposed brick made the inside cozy and interesting.  The second thing I noticed was the service--both visits included servers with an honest sense of humor and the desire to keep each guest full, quenched, and happy.

The restaurant is known for fine cured meats and fresh American fare, and also boasts an impressively creative cocktail menu.  Jasmine and I stopped by for happy hour yesterday and had difficulty choosing our drinks because there are so many compelling combinations.

Not to be Missed
Cocktails: Brockman, Hit and Run, and Clementine (also the flat rose wine)
Appetizer: mac 'n' cheese (served up with bacon, chorizo, or broccolini) with bread crumbs

Have a great long weekend!

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