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I'll be honest: I am the opposite of a clean freak.  I never have been, and I never will be (sorry, Mom--I know you're letting out a heavy sigh from up there).  This often becomes a problem because my roommates and I all have the same cleaning mentality: we hate it, and in the past we've avoided it as much as possible.  But as you can imagine, this doesn't make for the prettiest space.

After scrambling for a few weeks to find a new apartment, we finally decided to re-sign our lease and stay in our current home.  Almost immediately after doing so we also vowed to make a drastic change: we want to finally turn our place into one we love: we will redecorate, switch some things around, and most importantly we will be clean.  So far, so good!
photo via oh happy day!
Step 1 of this change included a cleaning party one weekday night.  We turned on some '80s music, split up, and scrubbed.  This was probably the most intense cleaning session I've ever experienced, people.  I'm talking reorganizing the kitchen, vacuuming the furniture, and scrubbing the floors.  While it took a solid few hours, we agreed to have cleaning parties more frequently.  Something about loud music and friends to work with make the chore much more enjoyable.
image via wit+delight
Another tip I learned is for simple clean-up: turn it into a game, a race against the clock.  Start with a playlist and give yourself the length of one song to clean up one room.  I know it seems challenging, but try it out! You'd be surprised how it makes cleaning more enjoyable and go by faster. Two birds with one stone, friends!

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