a weekend for moms

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I can't help but feel a mixture of sadness and joy.  Sadness obviously because my lovely mom is no longer here, but joy thinking of all the wonderful things we could do together, especially since I'm headed home for my brothers' graduation.
 Here's a few posts from around the web which remind me of my mom and moms everywhere:
The sweetest little post from a daughter to her mother.
My mom had a love of fake flowers (because they never die), but she'd love these real ones too.
Spring looks any mom would adore.
I would no doubt get my mom one of these for her special day.
A mom's funny + adorable photos of her son's eyebrows.
This would make her laugh, and she'd volunteer my dad to try it out.
I could see this vintage piece hanging in our house.
Bedroom decor that would make my mother swoon.
When the boys left town, my mom and I would often make delectable dishes (if we didn't order Chinese).
A brand of shoes moms and daughters can drool over, and dream about affording.
Cute and quirky momma tattoos.
photo via glitter guide
I hope everyone has a lovely, family-filled weekend!

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