happy birthday, momma!

Today is a bit of a rough day, friends. My mom would have been 52 today.  I won't lie and say I'm in the brightest of spirits, but rather than playing debbie downer all day I want to take this time to remember all of the happy memories we had together. 
Today, like many days, I want to honor my lovely mom in everything I do. Here's a few ways I'm choosing to celebrate her on this special day:

1. Dress up. When I was in college and walked around looking borderline homeless, she would always get on to me about my lack of fashion sense during trips home. ("You're going out like that?") So today I wore a pretty new green dress with heels that she bought me for college graduation. I'm confident to say she'd approve.
2. Catch up with friends. I had a nice, long phone call with my best friend this week as its been a while since we'd caught up.  My mom would spend hours on the phone with her friends--a trait I was more than happy to pick up.
3. Cook hearty meals and drink wine. This is something we always did together, and I enjoy continuing the tradition with some of my favorite people.
4. Give. This morning I dropped off three large bags of clothes, stuffed animals, and pretty trinkets at Goodwill. My mom was such a giving person and always gave what she didn't need to others.
5. Laugh. Although it's been a tough day, I've received so many kind messages from friends. I especially loved the ones that made me laugh and brought up happy memories.  My mom was always laughing, often times even cracking herself up.

Tonight the beau and I are going out for mexican food (her favorite) and watching one of her favorite movies.  A perfect end to a special lady's birthday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  If you get a minute, raise your glass to my mom--she'd love that.


  1. Thinking of you especially today :) :) :) Miss you and I love reading about what a wonderful lady your mom was! Love you, Paige!

    1. I love YOU. And I love sharing everything about her too! Thanks for everything :)