Today, in between lulls at work, I've been sporadically perusing the web for spring inspiration. Mostly, I've stumbled upon many pretty things I can't wait to fill my closet with (animal-adorned shirts, anyone?).  I may or may not have purchased a pretty spring dress during said perusing that I originally spotted here.  But amongst all the lovely trends popping up this Spring, there is one I just can't seem to get on board with.

I've seen some of my favorite bloggers in floral jeans and I have to say I think they are just so incredibly unflattering.  It makes sense that florals would be blooming in Spring (I couldn't resist), but I'd much rather run around town in a floral shirt or dress.  Granted I'm no expert here, and everyone else seems to be embracing it, but they seem so unwearable to me.

A trend I wish I could rock?  Pastels.  I've seen many head-to-toe pastel looks and I think they are simply lovely.  Unfortunately these colors tend to wash out my fair skin tone, so unfortunately I will be sticking to only hints of pastel this season.
image via fash boulevard
How adorable does Anna look in this pastel outfit? What trends do you love and loathe for Spring?

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