wedding season

With the first day of Spring finally here, "Wedding Season" isn't far behind.  Being from the Midwest means friends and acquaintances back home are announcing engagements and wedding dates, posting photos, and sharing memories.  Unfortunately I'm unable to attend every function I'm invited to (a downside of living so far from my hometown), but I still have so much fun finding gifts for these exciting occasions.  One of my best friends is getting married in July and I've already begun looking for gift inspiration. A priority for me is to find (or create, if you're crafty) a gift with a personal spin that won't cost an entire paycheck.

Clockwise from top:
1. A snapfish album, full of memories  Right now you'll receive 25% off a book with the code 25BOOKS through March 31. This is one of my favorite ideas because you get to be so involved in how the book turns out. (I actually made one of these for my dad for his birthday and he loved it--and it was a blast to make).
2. A soft, warm blanket for cuddle sessions on their couch
3.Giant letter bearing their last name to hang on their wall
4.Pretty stationary for all the thank-you notes they'll be writing
5.His & her coffee mugs
6.Wine glasses for future dinner parties
6.Custom address stamp
7.Napkin set

Other ideas:
- A holiday ornament for the couples' first season together together
- Framed wedding invitation--I've done this for friends before and also included a couple of their engagement photos to complete the look

I hope this helps everyone feel inspired and excited to shop for all of these weddings!

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