keeping toasty

One problem with living in Southern California is how warm it is.  Now, I realize this might not seem like an issue to complain about. But whenever I'm about to make a little trip up to Michigan in the middle of February...it is.  I have been so spoiled by this gorgeous weather lately I almost forgot it was still winter.

Naturally, I'm finding myself in a bit of a packing crisis.  The sandals and lightweight shirt I'm currently wearing are just not going to cut it in the 30-degree weather waiting for me. Here are some looks and pieces I'm hoping will magically appear in my closet before my flight tomorrow...
photo via brooklyn blonde
photo via blonde bedhead
photo via could i have that
photos by bonnie tsang
1. I am obviously so into layering faux fur over another jacket. It feel so cozy and warm, yet so chic. I love how Helena layers these different shades of blue.
2. I need a good trench, like this one. I also love the dress in this photo. It adds some color and fun to an otherwise casual outfit.
3. The different textures in this outfit make it so appealing to me. Leather and cashmere, with a touch of sparkle? Yes, please. That's a combo to warm this girl right up.
4. I've been drooling over this casual sweater by just say native for days. It just looks oh, so comfortable. I basically want to live in it. I'm still bummed I missed the Rose Bowl flea market this month--that sweater could have been mine! Maybe next month they'll have something else cozy I can scoop up.

What are you coveting right now? Until next week friends, unless I freeze!


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