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Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone, regardless of what relationship status you have, has a wonderful day filled with love.  Personally, I find today to be a bit of a hallmark holiday--I think we should all shower our friends and family with love any day of the year.  But then again, I can't hold too much angst over a day where it's socially acceptable to consume mass amounts of chocolate and sweets.

With that said, I have plans with my boyfriend tonight, and taking a tip from Parks and Recreation, I celebrated "Galentine's Day" with some of my ladies last night. Here are some lovely ideas I found around the web to celebrate the day:
photo courtesy of design lovefest
These e-valentines from Kate Spade are so whimsical and adorable--perfect for anyone you love!
photo courtesy of oh happy day!
In case you need something cute to put your friends' candy in.
photo courtesy of a beautiful mess
It might be a bit late for this one, but this DIY is too perfect for the holiday not to mention. Does this remind anyone else of the J.Crew sweater?
photo courtesy of could i have that
 These are way better than those awful conversation heart candies if you ask me. These too.
photo courtesy of a beautiful mess
Keeping this in mind for when I have kiddos one day.
photo courtesy of glitter guide
I love this idea for a themed girls night in! Someone start making the cocktails and I'll head on over...wearing my red pants, of course. It is Valentine's Day, after all.

And a Valentine's giveaway for good measure. I'll be sharing more love tomorrow (hint: it involves said red pants). Go big or go home, right? Have a lovely day!

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