travel wish list

the bahamas

germany [photo courtesy of bianca]
london [photos courtesy of kristin]
turks & caicos

January always puts me in a bit of a funk, usually because I'm bummed the holiday festivities are over.  For me, the holidays bring delectable food, drinks with friends, shopping (mostly for others, I promise), and traveling.  With a brief stomach flu putting my enjoyment on hold during my Colorado trip this year, I'm still itching to get out of my city and travel somewhere new.

Unfortunately these fabulous places are out of my budget right now, so I'm actively thinking about more attainable destinations within my own state.  That's the beauty of living in California--there are so many places to visit!

long valley in palm springs [photo courtesy of stylishlyme]
santa barbara [photo courtesy of could i have that?]
napa valley [photo courtesy of sequin harvest]
big bear
 Okay, Napa is probably still a bit outlandish right now...but a girl can dream, right? I'm looking forward to visiting all of these places at some point in my life.  Now excuse me, I have some planning to do...

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