jewelry display

I am the most organized person ever when it comes to work.  But for some reason, I always struggle to keep that same mentality within my home.  It's something I'm working on.  A good example is the way I've stored my jewelry in the past: in their containers...in a drawer.  This was an incredibly insufficient storage method, especially since I gravitate toward the same few pieces on a daily basis. Digging to find them every day was becoming very annoying.

As of a couple months ago, I decided it made more sense to display my frequently-worn jewelry.  Technically, jewelry could almost be classified as art, so why not display those pretty pieces?

[bowls and flower vase from anthropologie]
This has been so much more convenient for me and I'm obsessed with all the pretty porcelain bowls at Anthropologie! I had so much fun mixing the different sizes and prints.

I have tons more jewelry I don't wear as often, which still resides in the aforementioned drawer. I'm planning to finally get all of that organized in the near future as well so stay tuned!
I hope everyone has a relaxing long weekend!

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