We all know cheap jeans can have their perks, mostly because well, they're cheap.  We're all guilty of purchasing a pair because they're cute and inexpensive, but when it comes down to it--the fit is rarely great.  I don't think I ever really appreciated quality denim until this year, whenever I found the perfect pair of skinny jeans that fit me absolutely perfect, and looked just as good as they made me feel.

Enter Habitual: a denim brand made locally here in Los Angeles.  Founded in 2001, Habitual boasts quality product with an immaculate fit and intricate detailing.  The brand was the first to create color coated wax denim, which many other popular brands like J Brand and Paige currently produce as well. Coated denim creates the illusion of leather; it looks very similar, but feels the same as regular denim on the inside.  To me this was a major selling point as I love the look of leather pants, but have no desire to wrap my legs in such a restrictive fabric.  I had the opportunity to preview Habitual's Fall and Spring collections last week, and am now dying to take all the various colors for a test spin!

I left the preview with a pair of black coated denim jeans, and I already know they will be a Fall staple.  I may or may not have already dreamed up various ensembles revolving around my new pants.  Now if only this never-ending heat wave would drop off, I might actually be able to wear them instead of just thinking about them.  

If you're coveting a pair of jeans for yourself in the upcoming season, check out Habitual's lookbooks here.  I already have my eye on a pair of their high-waisted beauties as well. 
Happy Thursday, everyone!

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