a little bit

My apologies for the radio silence, everyone! It's been a very busy couple weeks at work and I've been in work mode basically day and night.  Here are some lovely little inspirations for you while I'm away...
image via pinterest
Style notes for this show I'm addicted to.

The blog I turn to when I need a solid reminder of what life is truly about.

I'm drooling over this wedding in La Jolla.

Don't we all have just a little crush?

I vote yes to leather pants and plaid shirts for fall.

Lunch meeting etiquette.

I love this idea for new parents.

Wear your heart on your sleeve--or your chest.

A salad has never looked this good before.

A great quote to live by.

Running fast and furious, but I'll be back with some inspiration of my own soon!


  1. I just saw you linked to my blog - aren't you a sweetie! Hope things become a little less stressful for you!

    1. Just wanted to make sure everyone else knows it's a good one :)