mexico snapshots

Sorry for the radio silence, my dear friends! As you know, I left for Mexico last week and as it turns out, wi-fi (even in a five-star resort, ironically), was ridiculously expensive.  So, although it was not by choice at first, I completely unplugged for a full week.  I didn't check e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, nor did I touch my blog or read any others.  I didn't even hardly use my phone--it remained in my room most of the time.  I have to say--it's what I really needed.  Just some good old-fashioned downtime with family and great friends.  After all, that's what life is all about anyway, isn't it?

I'll share more details from my trip this week.  In all honesty, I'm ready to hop on a plane and head back for another week! Have a great week lovelies.

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