cold front

Today the temperature dropped in Southern California, and while there may not be snow on the ground, I find myself craving warmth.  Here are a few things currently on my radar:
photo courtesy of a beautiful mess
Who needs Starbucks? I have been telling my roomates about this homemade salted caramel hot chocolate recipe for weeks.  I think the time to try it out is sooner rather than later.

brochu walker cardigan c/o of Saks Fifth Avenue

I spotted this cardigan on one of my favorite blogs Could I Have That recently, and ever since I have been dying to try it on.  I managed to pull it for the last fashion segment I coordinated at work, and the designer was so happy with it that she sent the cardigan to my editor! Luckily, she's been nice enough to let me borrow it from time to time, and I fully plan to bundle up in it during my trip home for Thanksgiving.

photo courtesy of eat.sleep.wear.
LOVE this outfit for a chilly day.

photo courtesy of the pioneer woman
This soup looks delicious and warm. I may have to attempt making this soon! I'll keep you all posted on how that goes (I'm sure it will be quite the adventure).

Stay warm!

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