the candy house

In my last post, I mentioned that my family, the beau, and I ventured to Missouri to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins over Thanksgiving.  Before heading out the next morning, we stopped by Candy House Gourmet Chocolates. Nestled on Reding Mills Road in Joplin, the Candy House was a place my mom and aunt always talked about.  Granted, my mom never had much of a sweet tooth, but I definitely remember her talking about this place.  And I was never upset seeing a truffle assortment in a box sent by my aunt.

Complete with all the fudge, salt water taffy, truffles, jellybeans, and chocolate turtles you can imagine, the Candy House is already a magical place in my eyes.  But if you walk upstairs, you're met by vintage glass candy jars, tea sets, dishes and cups.  A candy store and vintage shop in one? Yes, please!

In all honesty, many of the vintage dishes were a bit cutesy and delicate for my taste, but it was still so fun to walk around and look at all the pretty things.  The fact that I had peanut butter fudge and chocolate turtle samples in my hand didn't hurt, either.  Seriously--the peanut butter fudge is to die for.

If you ever happen to be driving through Joplin (or Springfield--there's a location there as well), I highly suggest you give this sweet place a visit.  Just make sure you bring me some fudge!

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