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I'm a few posts deep now, and I realized the other day I haven't yet touched on my mom's favorite subject: home design.  My mother had a knack for taking the plainest of spaces, and turning it into a beautiful, homey room that you couldn't wait to lounge in.  I never really understood how she had the patience for it, but now that I'm in my own place, I'm starting to appreciate it more.

I'm currently still staring at a blank wall in my bedroom, due to my roomate Kristin embarking on a London adventure for one year (she's kind of a big deal). When she left, the big screen went with her, and thus my TV is now in the living room.  So now, I'm left with a massive empty space, with unlimited ways to fill it.  The way I see it, I have an empty canvas. I'm in the midst of a wall project, which I'll be sharing soon.

For now, here are a couple exciting ways to spruce up your space:

Kelly of the glamourai posted this great link a couple days ago, showcasing one room decorated in two nearly identical ways: one with a high budget, and one with a low one.  Looking through all the photos, I was amazed at how similar all the rooms looked, but how steep the price differences were. I am all over that low budget route!
image via room & board
This bowl is actually a bit pricey at $39, but it is so unique! For some reason, it reminds me of a margarita...I must be having a long day.

blissliving home argo throw in ivory/pebble
A lovely publicist I've worked with a few times gifted me this throw in a beautiful floral pattern last spring, and it is one of the softest throws I have ever felt (even several months later).  It consists of cashmere and bamboo rayon, which also means it's environmentally friendly. Often times I forget it's a throw, and use it as a blanket because it's so cozy and comfortable.

This same publicist also sent me an e-mail this past week about Blissliving Home's friends and family event--and I wanted to share with all of you! Enter BLHFRIENDS at the online boutique checkout and recieve 60% off your entire order.  The only categories not included in this discount are outlet, home accessories II, and wall art. This event runs through November 30.

Home shop until you drop!

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