rent the runway

When I was in college, a main priority for my sorority sisters and I was finding the perfect dress for the next date party.  Unfortunately, shopping in Norman, Oklahoma was rather limited: there were few spots to find great clothes, and although there are a couple great boutiques, you'd spot at least two girls at the party wearing the same dress as you.  There was also the problem of multiple date parties on any given weekend.  Not exactly college-budget friendly. Enter Rent the Runway, a website offering dresses and accessories from over 95 designers to rent much cheaper than retail price for any occasion on your schedule. I first learned about the site from my college roommate Alex, who offered it as the perfect solution for our date party dilemmas.

While I always found the site's concept brilliant, I never actually gave it a go.  I preferred purchasing dresses for events that I could wear again later.  But I tried it out for the first time for my upcoming champagne-infused Saturday, as I feel the need to wear something amazing that I can't afford to actually buy (Kate Spade, anyone?).

Here's how it works: type in the date of your event and browse the available dresses.  You can then reserve a dress in your size, as well as another size for free.  You even have the option to rent another dress style for just $25. Total genius. I haven't received my dresses yet, but I'm already loving this service.  Here's to always having something to wear without breaking your budget!

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