foodie friday: kabuki

The first time I tried sushi, I absolutely hated it.  Mostly because my high school friends convinced me that wasabi was guacamole, encouraging me to take a big bite. But another important factor was the restaurant quality--we were eating at a generic chain where the fish wasn't the fresh and the flavors weren't so impressive.  After that night, I didn't try sushi again for several years.  I began to develop an appreciation for it during late college, but I didn't come to love or crave it until I moved to L.A.  The fish is fresh and the combinations daring, two important elements to good quality sushi.

Enter my favorite spot for sushi in L.A: Kabuki in Culver City.  Along with a killer happy hour (1/2 price rolls, $2 Sapporo), the Japanese eatery boasts incredible + unique rolls, at prices that don't break the bank. Win/win!
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Not To Be Missed
Food: spicy tuna crunch roll, dynamite roll, vegas roll (my favorite), alaskan roll, spider roll, rose roll, king crab roll
Drinks: sapporo, sangria, saketini 

Get your sushi on this Friday!

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