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I'm so honored that the lovely Soul of a Fashionista has nominated me for The Liebster of Blog Award! This is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers, and serves as a great tool for us to get to know one another.  I've been instructed to share 11 random facts about myself, as well as answer SOAF's questions to me.
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11 Facts:
- I love curling up with coffee and a good book on weekend mornings (need to do that more!)
- I have two little (only not so little) twin brothers, who are easily the most entertaining people I know
- I can sing
- I have a sweet mutt named Rocky, who is basically like my child
- I could eat Mexican food for every single meal
- I danced for most of my life, and am starting to miss it a lot these days
- I am totally addicted to How I Met Your Mother
- I love to cook and try new recipes (although I'm often afraid I'll mess them up)
- I think champagne is appropriate for any + all occasions
- I typically only write in a journal when I'm angry, upset, or stressed
- My favorite outfit is an oversized tee (or sweater) and tall socks

-What made you decide to start a blog? I wanted an outlet to share the many things I have in common with my amazing mom, who passed away in 2010.
-What is the best thing about blogging? Having a creative outlet outside of work and connecting with readers and other bloggers.
-Which item do you have that you can't live without? As pathetic as it sounds, my iPhone. That thing keeps me from getting lost all the time and being able to google whenever, wherever. Also my great grandmother's engagement ring, which I wear almost every day.
-Your favorite piece in your closet? My leather jacket--I get so much wear out of it and can throw it on over anything.
-Favorite designer? I love Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Rachel Zoe, Parker, and Heidi Merrick, but as those lines are out of my price range right now, I tend to gravitate toward Zara and J.Crew, with a bit of BCBG from time to time. 
-Do you have Instagram?  If you do, do you think it helps your readers grow? What do you think about it? Yes, I'm basically addicted to instagram and take pictures as often as I can, even of the little things. l don't necessarily think it's helped my readership grow, however. But It's more of a personal account, not necessarily linked to the blog.
-Favorite model? Hanneli Mustaparta.  And if Victoria's Secret models count, Alessandra Ambrosio.
-Favorite book? The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon
-Do you think it's important to be fit? Absolutely. Being fit isn't about being skinny to fit in (although we feel that pressure sometimes), it's about maintaining a healthy lifestyle to increase quality of life. Working out gives me energy and confidence throughout my day.
-Favorite famous blogger? Damsel in Dior and Could I Have That?
-Favorite band? I love all things country, and I also have a slight obsession with Dave Matthews.

Thanks again to Soul of a Fashionista for looping me in! Be sure to check out her blog--she's a sweet and bubbly girl who inspires her readers with tidbits on fashion and photography. What's not to love?

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