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I don't know about the rest of you, but for me this week has been dragging on and also somehow been crazy busy.  I'm unsure how that can happen, but apparently it can! I still have several things in the works to share but for now I wanted to provide some internet inspiration.

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It's Friday, and I think these cocktails are just what the doctor ordered for my friends and I. The recipe for these beautiful cocktails can be found here.
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Speaking of friends, how fun is this picture? This reminds me of college when Oklahoma weather forced us to hide from tornadoes in bathtubs...granted, our attire wasn't quite like this (oh, the days of Nike shorts and North Face jackets)...
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Okay, I'm going to be honest here and say that I am not much for the DIY craze that's currently sweeping the blog community.  I tend to be a little lazy and would rather someone more creative than myself make my jewelry, clothes, etc.  But this chalkboard cheese platter is a DIY I can get on-board with. Mostly because I love cheese. And labeling things. But mostly cheese.
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This feature gives me the craving for both traveling and shoe shopping...at the same time, preferably. I also find it incredibly useful since I tend to have an over-packing problem, specifically because I just can't cut down the amount of shoes I bring with me on trips. I also love this post about plane picnics.
image via wit + delight
I fully intend to cook something of this caliber this weekend. Get in my belly, you delicious breakfast.

These cinemagraphs blow me away. All of these gorgeous moving photos are shot in Malibu, too!
Everyone have an amazing weekend!

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